JIRA 6.0 RC 1 Upgrade Notes

JIRA 6.0 RC 1 Release Notes

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Upgrading to JIRA 6.0 from JIRA 5.2.x

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Project key format configuration no longer supported

We are ending support for project key format configuration in downloadable JIRA in this release. Project key configuration is currently not supported in JIRA OnDemand. End of support means that Atlassian will not fix bugs related to project key configuration past the support end date.

We strongly recommend that you do not change the project key format in JIRA. Changing the product key format will break JIRA plugins, integration with other Atlassian products, as well as core JIRA functionality.

Disabling inline edit no longer allowed

We've removed the ability to disable inline edit because the preferred way to edit issues is with inline editing and we want to encourage use of this feature. This option is no longer available in JIRA Admin (under System > General Configuration).

You may need to upgrade your GreenHopper version to work with JIRA 6.0

GreenHopper versions older than 6.2 will not be compatible with JIRA 6.0.

Cloners workarounds need to be disabled

Any customers upgrading to JIRA 6.0 that applied a workaround for the cloners link type – see clone operation creates link in the wrong direction for details – may need to reverse that workaround.

Upgrading to JIRA 6.0 from JIRA 5.1.8 or earlier

In addition to the points listed above, please read the Important Version-Specific Upgrade Notes for every version of JIRA you are skipping.



Last modified on May 6, 2013

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