JIRA 6.1 Upgrade Notes

Please follow the instructions in the general Upgrading JIRA guide, as well as the JIRA 6.1-specific instructions below. The general guide contains important tasks that are essential for getting your upgraded JIRA installation to work correctly and, if necessary, migrating existing configurations.

This page also describes known issues as well as changes you should be aware of before deciding whether or not to upgrade to JIRA 6.1.

This page includes:

Information for JIRA developers

Please see Preparing for 6.1 for information about changes to JIRA's database, JIRA's stable (Java) API, changes to core JIRA CSS styles, changes to JavaScript components that build UI, or changes to HTML markup patterns.

Upgrading to JIRA 6.1 from JIRA 6.0.x

Atlassian analytics

There is a new General Configuration option for JIRA that enables you to turn on/off Atlassian analytics; see Data collection policy for more information.
(info) This option is not available for JIRA OnDemand.

Supported platforms changes

JIRA Administrators cannot delete users that have commented on issues

If you are a JIRA administrator, you can delete a user from JIRA only if they have not performed any of the following actions:

  • reported or been assigned to any issues
  • commented on any issues

"View Issue Source Tab" permission renamed

The "View Issue Source Tab" project permission has been renamed to "View Development Tools".

Custom field creation changes

In JIRA 6.1, you no longer specify a Search Template during the custom field creation process. Similarly, all custom fields are created globally, so the context is set for you upon creation. You can change eiher of these settings later, if required, in your configuration settings.

JIRA workflow designer changes

Features which exist in the classic mode of the (Flash) workflow designer but not in the new workflow designer:

  • Create common transitions
  • Clone transitions
  • Have global transitions with no result status
  • Reassign the target of a transition (meaning that you cannot grab the arrow and make it point at a different status, you need to remove the transition and recreate it)

JIRA workflow transition changes

  • Viewing All post-functions, conditions, and validators together has been removed.  
  • Workflow transition IDs are no longer displayed in the user interface. (You can still see it when viewing a workflow text mode.)

JIRA default workflow

The classic default JIRA system workflow prior to this JIRA release is now available on Atlassian Marketplace.

If you import this workflow, you will need to add the 'Clear Resolution' post function back to the following three transitions:

  • Start Progress
  • Stop Progress
  • Reopen Issue

To add a new post function, see this procedure.

Removal of JQL function "echo()"

The echo function is a testing function in JIRA. It has been removed from JIRA as it provides no user value. Existing filters that make use of this function will no longer work; please fix these filters, or remove them.

Known Issues

JIRA upgrade fails due to duplicate issue keys or project keys

Please see these knowledge base articles:

Flowdock loses API token after project key is changed

After a project key is changed, the Flowdock plugin loses the 'Flowdock API token' for that JIRA project. To work around this problem, navigate to the 'Configure Flowdock integration in JIRA' page after the JIRA project has been renamed and add the token again. This issue applies to this JIRA EAP release and Flowdock v1.60.1 and earlier Flowdock versions.

Unable to scroll when viewing the 'View Issue' and 'Issue Navigator' pages on iPad

When viewing JIRA via an iPad, you will not be able to scroll on the 'View Issue' and 'Issue Navigator' pages. See this issue: JRA-33889 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This has been fixed in JIRA 6.1.1, see release notes.

(warning) Please note, iPad is not supported for JIRA and does not display the supported "mobile view". See Supported Platforms and this feature request:  JRA-34075 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Do not use the new 'reindex' REST endpoint

In this release, we built a new REST endpoint that allows a reindex to be initiated via REST: /rest/api/2/reindex

However, there are known issues with this REST endpoint that can lead to index corruption or failure. We strongly recommend that you do not use this REST endpoint until a fix has been released. See this issue for further information: JRA-34921 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

'JIRA Bamboo plugin' and 'Remotable Plugins I18n plugin' fail to load during JIRA startup

During a clean install or an upgrade, two plugins will fail to load: the 'JIRA Bamboo Plugin' and the 'Remotable Plugins I18n plugin'. See this issue:
JRA-34977 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This has been fixed in JIRA 6.1.1, see release notes.

Upgrading to JIRA 6.1 from JIRA 5.1.8 or earlier

In addition to the points listed above, please read the Important Version-Specific Upgrade Notes for every version of JIRA you are skipping.

Please check the Application Links Version Matrix for dependencies compatibility verification.

Last modified on Feb 7, 2014

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