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Letting customers only create issues

This page describes a minor JIRA modification which redirects users to an arbitrary page after creating issues (and potentially other operations). It is mainly of interest to JIRA Professional and Standard users.


When JIRA is used in a public environment, it is often useful for customers to be able to raise issues directly, but not see other customers' issues.

You can also grant the Reporter (and your company groups) the Browse Issue permission. Customers can then view issues they have raised.

In JIRA Professional and Standard, Reporter isn't available, and permissions can only be granted/denied per group. We want the Create Issue permission granted to everyone, but Browse Projects denied:

Users will see a permission error after creating an issue - not very customer-friendly!

Redirecting to a custom page

What we want is the ability to redirect the user to a nice "Thanks for raising an issue" page. We might want to direct to a different page depending on which groups the user is in. This can be done as follows:

Modify actions.xml

Open atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/actions.xml in your JIRA Installation Directory. If you are using the JIRA WAR distribution, first copy webapp/WEB-INF/classes/actions.xml to edit-webapp/WEB-INF/classes in your JIRA Installation Directory and edit actions.xml there.

Locate the section:

Modify the permissionviolation page to /redirectusers.jsp:

Create a redirect JSP

Now create atlassian-jira/redirectusers.jsp (in your JIRA Installation Directory (or for JIRA WAR distributions, the edit-webapp/redirectusers.jsp of the JIRA Installation Directory), containing something like this:

Your logic group(s) to check for and redirect URLs will be different. If you don't want to create a custom page, you can redirect to request.getContextPath()+"/secure/Dashboard.jspa"


Simply restart JIRA (or if you are using the WAR distribution, run build.bat or build.sh to regenerate the .war file and redeploy this in your application server).

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3 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Aggelos T. Paraskevopoulos

    Jeff, I believe it would be nice to elaborate a guide on how to setup a support site when using Standard and Advanced Editions, see thread
    This until we mange to get budget for the enterprise upgrade and yearly maintenance fees (smile)


    09 Sep 2005
    1. User avatar

      Jeff Thornburg


      The JIRA as a support system doc applies to Standard and Enterprise, except that the limitations to do with issue visibility need to be worked around. I've linked to this page from there, as another technique for avoiding the permissions problem.

      12 Sep 2005
  2. User avatar

    Jack Low [Atlassian]

    If editing:

    <view name="permissionviolation">/secure/views/permissionviolation.jsp</view>

    does not work, please look for issue.CantBrowseCreatedIssue action and edit it's link accordingly. For example:

        <action name="issue.CantBrowseCreatedIssue" alias="CantBrowseCreatedIssue">
            <view name="error">/secure/views/redirectusers.jsp</view>
            <view name="success">/secure/views/redirectusers.jsp</view>
            <view name="converted">/secure/views/redirectusers.jsp</view>
    05 Feb 2010
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