Notifications no longer sent to raw email addresses if anonymous browsing disabled

In 3.2, JIRA respects the permission scheme and security levels when sending notifications (see JRA-5743. People who won't be able to see an update online won't get a notification email.

This has one important effect: if you have a project where:

  • the notification scheme specifies that a raw email address (eg. should be notified, and
  • 'Browse' permission has not been granted to 'Anyone' (eg. it is granted to 'jira-users'
    then that email address ('' in our example) won't be mailed. As JIRA cannot verify that the recipient(s) of the email address have the 'browse' permission, it makes the conservative assumption that they are not.

This can be fixed by creating a user (eg. 'developers') for the email address, making it a member of a group that has 'Browse' permission, and adding it as a recipient of notifications. The raw email address should then be removed from the notification scheme, as it serves no purpose.

Last modified on Sep 15, 2005

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