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We've made significant backend changes to the issue navigator in 3.3. This resulted in some parameters being changed and are deprecated.

What does this affect?

This affects only direct links to the issue navigator that's been saved outside JIRA. e.g. a bookmark to an RSS feed, a Confluence page with the search parameters hard coded. This will not affect saved filters in JIRA, or portlets shipped with JIRA.

What has changed?

For 3.3 parameters that have changed are:

  1. resolutionIds -> resolution
  2. priorityIds -> priority
  3. statusIds -> status
  4. createBefore -> create:before
  5. createAfter -> create:after
  6. createPrevious -> create:previous
  7. updateBefore -> update:before
  8. updateAfter -> update:after
  9. updatePrevious -> update:previous
  10. duedateBefore -> duedate:before
  11. duedateAfter -> duedate:after
  12. duedatePrevious -> duedate:previous
  13. duedateNext -> duedate:next

Also the values for the createNext and updateNext parameters has been modified.

What this means for me? What do I need to do?

We've put in place mechanisms that makes the issue navigator backwards compatible, so you won't actually notice any difference using links with deprecated parameters. However, it's strongly recommended that you re-bookmark any affected links to JIRA. We can't guarantee that this will be in place forever and it's better if you update it as a soon as possible.

For system administrators, all searches using the deprecated parameters will be logged to the server with the client's URL and IP address. You should try to chase up the user so that there's no major problems down the track.

If you find these warnings impossibly annoying, you can update your to disable them by adding the line below to your However, we strongly discourage you from doing this. The warnings are there so that they can be identified and stop any problems further down the track. = ERROR, console
Last modified on Aug 3, 2005

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