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Receiving Search Results via Email

JIRA enables you to subscribe to an issue filter (a saved search). JIRA will then run the search according to your specified schedule, and will email the results to you.

You can specify when and how often you would like to receive the search results, e.g. 'Every hour between 9.00AM-5.00PM, Monday-Friday', or 'The last Friday of every month at 7.00AM'.

Emails can only be sent if your administrator has configured an SMTP mail server. The filter results will only send the first 200 results of a filter.

On this page:

Subscribing to a Filter

  1. Choose Issues > Manage Filters.
  2. A list of available filters is displayed:

  3. Locate the filter you are interested in and click on its Subscribe link. The Filter Subscription form is displayed:

  4. In the Recipients box, either choose 'Personal Subscription' (if you only wish to subscribe yourself), or select a group of recipients from the dropdown list.
    Note: You cannot select a group unless your JIRA administrator has granted you the 'Manage Group Filter Subscriptions' global permission.
  5. Select one of the following types of schedule:
    • Daily — choose this if you want to receive one or more emails every day.
    • Days per Week — choose this if you want to receive one or more emails on particular days of every week.
    • Days per Month — choose this if you want to receive an email on a particular day of every month.
    • Advanced — see Advanced scheduling ('cron') below.
  6. Click Subscribe.
  7. You will now be shown a subscription summary page. If you wish, click Run now to test your subscription.

Advanced scheduling ('cron')

You can use a 'Cron Expression' to specify a custom schedule to suit your particular requirements.

Cron expressions consist of the following fields, separated by spaces:


Allowed values

Allowed special characters



, - * /



, - * /



, - * /



, - * / ? L W C


1-12 or JAN-DEC

, - * /


1-7 or SUN-SAT

, - * / ? L C #

Year (optional)


, - * /

The special characters operate as follows:

Special character



Specifies a list of values. For example, in the Day-of-week field, 'MON,WED,FRI' means 'every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday'.


Specifies a range of values. For example, in the Day-of-week field, 'MON-FRI' means 'every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday'.


Specifies all possible values. For example, in the Hour field, '*' means 'every hour of the day'.


Specifies increments to the given value. For example, in the Minute field, '0/15' means 'every 15 minutes during the hour, starting at minute zero'.


Specifies no particular value. This is useful when you need to specify a value for one of the two fields Day-of-month or Day-of-week, but not the other.


Specifies the last possible value; this has different meanings depending on context. In the Day-of-week field, 'L' on its own means 'the last day of every week' (i.e. 'every Saturday'), or if used after another value, means 'the last xxx day of the month' (e.g. 'SATL' and '7L' both mean 'the last Saturday of the month). In the Day-of-month field, 'L' on its own means 'the last day of the month', or 'LW' means 'the last weekday of the month'.


Specifies the weekday (Monday-Friday) nearest the given day of the month. For example, '1W' means 'the nearest weekday to the 1st of the month' (note that if the 1st is a Saturday, the email will be sent on the nearest weekday within the same month, i.e. on Monday 3rd). 'W' can only be used when the day-of-month is a single day, not a range or list of days.


Specifies the nth occurrence of a given day of the week. For example, 'TUES#2' (or '3#2') means 'the second Tuesday of the month'.

Here are some sample cron expressions:

0 15 8 ? * *

Every day at 8.15 pm.

0 15 8 * * ?

Every day at 8.15 am.

0 * 14 * * ?

Every minute starting at 2.00 pm and ending at 2:59 pm, every day.

0 0/5 14 * * ?

Every 5 minutes starting at 2.00 pm and ending at 2:55 pm, every day.

0 0/5 14,18 * * ?

Every 5 minutes starting at 2.00 pm and ending at 2:55 pm, AND every 5 minutes starting at 6.00 pm and ending at 6:55 pm, every day.

0 0-5 14 * * ?

Every minute starting at 2.00 pm and ending at 2:05 pm, every day.

0 0/10 * * * ? *

Every 10 minutes, forever.

0 10,44 14 ? 3 WED

2:10 pm and 2:44 pm every Wednesday in the month of March.

0 15 8 ? * MON-FRI

8:15 am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

0 15 8 15 * ?

8:15 am on the 15th day of every month.

0 15 8 L * ?

8:15 am on the last day of every month.

0 15 8 LW * ?

8:15 am on the last weekday of every month.

0 15 8 ? * 6L

8:15 am on the last Friday of every month.

0 15 8 ? * 6#2

8:15 am on the second Friday of every month.

0 15 8 ? * 6#2 2007-2009

8:15 am on the second Friday of every month during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009.

(info) Cron expressions are not case-sensitive

Subscription Context

Each time that a subscription is activated, the saved filter for the subscription is used to find the relevant issues. This search is executed for each user in the group that will receive the subscription email. This means that any filter that uses JQL function such as currentUser() will be evaluated with a different user each time. This also means that if one user doesn't have permission to see some of the issues returned by the search then the list of issues that they receive in email will be different from other users' email. This has two other consequences:

  • If you share a subscription with a group with many members it can take a long time to generate the emails to be sent. This can make JIRA very slow for minutes. This is a good reason be careful with allowing the Manage Group Filter Subscriptions permission.
  • If a group contains a user whose email address is actually a distribution list (i,e. a group email alias), then everyone on that distribution list will receive the same email, since JIRA doesn't know who the users on the list are. 

Managing Other User's Shared Filters

A shared filter is a filter whose creator has shared that filter with other users. Refer to Sharing a Filter for details. When a shared filter is created by a user, that user:

  • Initially 'owns' the shared filter.
  • Being the owner, can edit and modify the shared filter.

If you have the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission, you can manage shared filters that were created by other users.

To access the 'Shared Filters' feature:

  1. Ensure that you are logged in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click the 'Issues' dropdown and select 'Shared Filters' from the list.
  3. See Managing Shared Filters in the JIRA Administrator's Guide.

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45 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    Can I set period as two week?


    25 Nov 2010
  2. User avatar

    Tim Murphy

    A great un-documented result of this feature is subscriptions can be used to send 'nag' emails to users with issues assigned to them. Create a filter where the assignee = Current User, and the filter will loop over all members of the group.

    The solution is documented in the Jira below.


    24 Jan 2011
  3. User avatar


    is there any way that I can get email notification whenever the result count for filter get changed ?

    Please reply on yogesh.krsoni@gmail.com

    Kind Regards

    Yogesh kumar soni

    01 Feb 2011
    1. User avatar


      Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



      11 Jun 2012
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      first of all @Umesh: whining or asking for sending a mail is useless. Please see and ask primarily at  answers.atlassian.com . As an Atlassian Customer you might also raise a support issue at support.atlassian.com.

      regarding the question: it's not possible to get "changed count" subscriptions neither would this feature be useful as long it's not clear e.g. if there is one issue "closed" and one new "raised".
      Please use a JQL expression that will filter for the relevant issues. Often date of last update and / or users lastLogin() is useful to restrict the subscriptions filter.

      12 Jun 2012
  4. User avatar

    Yogesh Kumar

    is there any way that I can get email notification whenever the result count for filter get changed ?

    Please reply on yogesh.krsoni@gmail.com

    Kind Regards
    Yogesh kumar soni

    01 Feb 2011
  5. User avatar


    When the email comes through, it only has the Key and Summary fields. Is there any way to add other fields to the email?



    04 Feb 2011
    1. User avatar

      Rob Wilson

      I would like to be able to add the assignee column as a minimum, is this possible?

      20 Jul 2012
      1. User avatar

        Marian cuevas

        Hi Rob,

        did you solve your problem with the filter fields sent by e-mail?...I just see (like you) the Key and Summary fields together with the link.


        Many thanks!.

        27 Jan 2014
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      As far as I know (didn't tested it yet): Add the column, then save the search, then create the subscription (for your team) and all columns defined in your saved search are mailed though.. If not, It might be a bug and discussed in https://jira.atlassian.com


      04 Aug 2012
      1. User avatar

        Marian cuevas

        Hi there,

        I did this but it doesn't work: I just see the Key and Summary fields together with the link...

        I need help, please.

        Thanks a million!.

        27 Jan 2014
  6. User avatar


    Hello everyone,

    Is there any way to receive Jira Reports via E-Mail? I mean not search filter results, but actual graphic reports.

    Thank you,


    07 Apr 2011
    1. User avatar

      Natalie Wenz

      Same question here. Is there any possibility to make email notifications for a JIRA Report? The report should be send automatically to one person (e.g. project leader).

      Hope anyone can help



      12 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      please see http://jira.atlassian.com .. often these questions does already have a n equivalent feature Request ticket or it's already answered on http://answers.atlassian.com

      => https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/35437/how-to-send-a-email-from-jira-report-programatically

      ^^ here you go

      04 Aug 2012
    1. User avatar

      Ferenc Kiss [Midori]

      A lesser-known gem in Atlassian's toolset is the JIRA Automation Plugin, which can be utilized for this. It was not available in 2011, when your question was originally asked, but these are better times (smile)

      So, it lets you execute certain actions at regular (CRON specified) intervals. It comes with a couple of useful actions and also allows other plugins to extend the set of available actions. The PDF Automation Plugin introduces the Send PDF action to generate PDF documents and email those to a specified set of email addresses.

      Now, returning to your original actions:

      1. Define your report with the PDF View Plugin (see 1 and 2)
      2. Configure the Automation Plugin to execute the Send PDF action to render and email the report in your preferred schedule



      10 Sep 2014
  7. User avatar



      I want to send search results to multiple people , is there any way to send multiple like me and my project lead . Please let me know  . 




    13 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      As you might read above, you are able to select a (system) group as recipient(s) only. There is currently (Jira 5) no way to use project roles. This is not as easy as it seems to be, because issue search is project independent and MIGHT be restricted to one project.

      02 May 2012
  8. User avatar

    Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

    Seems to there is a bug as long

    isn't valid but

    works fine. Seems to Day-of-month doesn't accept * wildcard?!


    edit: *dough*, I should have read that carefully:

    ? … This is useful when you need to specify a value for one of the two fields Day-of-month or Day-of-week, but not the other.

    15 Aug 2012
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      The format of cron is like the parameters accepted by tar - simple enough that you think you got it right, but complex so you likely didn't.

      22 Aug 2012
  9. User avatar


    So that I can subscribe to be alerted (every 2 days) for 'open' issues updated in the past 2 days, I have just tried to set up a filter for issues updated in the past 2 days see below, but it returns all ('open') issues.

    Is my syntax wrong?


    project = WDTS AND (summary !~ SMS- OR description !~ SMS- OR comment !~ SMS- OR environment !~ SMS-) AND (status = Open) AND (updatedDate <= '2d') ORDER BY updatedDate DESC, key DESC


    21 Sep 2012
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein


      Dear Kate,

      This is no support system and question might be better asked on https://answers.atlassian.com

      (status = Open) AND (updatedDate <= '2d')

      will not return the issues in state open and updated / set up in the past 2 days but all two days before AND older. You just have to turn your operator

      (updatedDate >= '2d')



      27 Sep 2012
  10. User avatar


    Hi All,

    Is there is any way to email the save filter in word format,i.e suppose i have 30 issues and i saved this filter by "XYZ" name. I wanna that this "XYZ" filter would  emailed me automatically by JIRA at everyday b/w 8 am to 9 am(any time) in word format. So that i can see all the details in the slip. Can anyone help me. My email id is "paharirajput@gmail.com" . Any help would greatly appreciated........(smile)


    27 Dec 2012
  11. User avatar


    Hi all, I too would like to know if we can receive a JIRA subscription results with an attachment as excel?



    22 May 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      It could be done with some customization of the subscription template. But you can also click on the link to the filter in the email and then export as Excel

      22 May 2013
      1. User avatar


        Re-running filter will likely give different data set so this isn't a viable alternative
        We really need subsription to send report as excel attachment so it can be opened directly in Excel.
        filter embedded in email can't be xferred to excel because it's been reformatted for email

        20 Mar 2014
    1. User avatar

      Ferenc Kiss [Midori]

      As an alternative, think whether exporting the filter results to a PDF document (not Excel) and emailing the PDF as an attachment is equivalently fine for you.

      You can easily implement this by reading the PDF Automation Plugin tutorial.

      29 Oct 2014
  12. User avatar

    Prasad Subraveti

    One of the reasons people want to get email subscriptions is because they want everyone to be on the same page and also to identify any missing gaps or visibly see a snapshot in time. JIRA has to give 2 features which will assist users of the subscription feature.

    • The ability to give an excel spreadsheet with results from the filter with an issue max limit.
    • Customizable JIRA result total in the email upto a max size limit and this limit must be greater than 200. Ideally it should be customizable between 200-1000. Anything more than that automatically defaults to sending the subscription in excel format.
    03 Sep 2013
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      So why don't you add a feature request for each on https://jira.atlassian.com ? I think this wiki comment won't help anyway.

      (nevertheless I didn't understand your second "request" / point completly. Can you please clarify what you need?

      have you already checked https://marketplace.atlassian.com/search?q=enhanced+notifications for an plugin?)

      Or are these points hidden questions?! So what doesn't work as documented above but should?

      In any doubt, ask the oracle at https://answers.atlassian.com 

      09 Sep 2013
      1. User avatar

        Ferenc Kiss [Midori]

        Excel Automation Plugin allows you to send the results of saved filters periodically. The Excel spreadsheet is 100% configurable, so it should meet nearly any requirement.

        See this tutorial: http://www.midori-global.com/products/jira-better-excel-plugin/documentation/automation

        11 Feb 2015
  13. User avatar

    Jason R

    IS there a way to set a subscription that emails to the assigned individuals?

    12 Nov 2013
  14. User avatar

    Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

    Dear Jason R please respect that this comment function is intended to discuss documentation issues (misleading or wrong descriptions)

    atlassian has opened answers.atlassian.com for Q&A

    btt: just think about a second filter that reuses a filter you want to subscribe for then restrict the sub-filter to currentUser() and setup subscription to everyone.




    13 Nov 2013
  15. User avatar



    12 Mar 2014
    1. User avatar

      Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi rizz2pro,

      Is there a particular problem with this page that I can help with?

      Kind regards,

      12 Mar 2014
      1. User avatar

        Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

        Looks like a spam account. 

        12 Mar 2014
  16. User avatar


    Currently in filter subscription recipient can be only selected from the list of JIRA groups.

    What is an alternative if I want to add custom email address to the recipients list ?

    06 May 2014
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      You could create a new group with one new user to have that email address. Klunky, I know. This add-on might help: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.metainf.jira.plugin.emailissue

      07 May 2014
  17. User avatar


    Yes, buying this plugin is an option. Also there is Notification Assistance plugin https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.notificationassistant

    I think writing some Groovy script using JIRA REST interface or JCLI commands is another option.

    I hope Atlassian will consider adding custom email address into filter subscription in the future.

    08 May 2014
  18. User avatar

    Adam Piotrowicz

    Is there a way to have email notification only when the filter output get changed?

    Thank you in advance for answers.

    24 Jul 2014
    1. User avatar

      Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

      in short: no

      in long: have a look at the discussion above . You have to define a query that covers that (regarding change dates or created dates are in the interval of your subscription). Then the result will be empty if there is no change in the interval and you might skip emty notification with the tick below of the subscription edit screen as shown / described above.

      25 Jul 2014
  19. User avatar


    Hi all,

    We have a subscription that sends the search results weekly via e-mail, but only the key and summary columns appear on the e-mail. We also want to see the reporter column on the e-mail. Is there any way to do that? Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    26 Aug 2014
    1. User avatar

      Marian cuevas


      I solved that issue choosing Email Template "html" in the User Default Settings (instead of "text").

      Not sure if that is your problem.


      26 Aug 2014
      1. User avatar

        Michel Menegazzo

        Thanks Marian!

        This works fine!

        13 Aug 2015
        1. User avatar

          Marian cuevas


          I'm glad to read that:  thanks for leaving  your comment, Michel.


          13 Aug 2015
  20. User avatar

    Ramnath Kaliaperumal


    I created a JIRA user with email ID of a distribution list.  I created a new filter from this user's login and did a 'personal subscription' expecting reports to be sent to the DL periodically.  But this is not working - the DL is not receiving any email. 

    I understand that the correct way is to create a group including the DL and then subscribe that group to the filter.  I am facing access issues in this and hence tried the other approach.  Has anyone tried this and got it working?


    28 Jul 2015
  21. User avatar

    Alex Augusto

    How can I change the format that the email has the time format

    When JIRA sends the e-mail with the result of filter

    OF (for example):
    2 hours and 30 minutes


    04 Aug 2015
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