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Setting Security on an Issue

Setting the Security Level on an issue restricts the access of that issue to only people who are a member of the chosen Security Level. If you are not a member of that Security Level then you cannot access that issue and it will not appear in any filters, queries or statistics.

The Security Level of an issue can be set either when the issue is being created or afterwards when the issue is being edited.

To be able to set the Security Level for an issue, your administator must add you to the appropriate Issue Security Level, and also grant you the 'Set Issue Security' permission for the appropriate project(s).

Setting Security on an Issue

  1. Create/edit the relevant issue.
  2. In the Security Level dropdown field, select the desired security level for the issue.
    (info) You can only see the Security Levels you belong to.
  3. Save the issue. It is now only accessible to members of the specified Security Level.


  • A person can only set an issue to a Security Level of which they are a member. This prevents the issue from being set to a Security Level of which nobody is a member and effectively becoming 'lost'.
  • If the person does not have the Set Issue Security permission then the default Security Level is used. This may mean that the issue created is not visible to the person that created it. (Issue Level Security should be configured by your administrator such that this does not happen.)

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9 Archived comments

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    It should also be noted that Security Level needs to be added on the screen if you want to edit it!

    19 Dec 2012
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    flavius nopcea

    on page Configuring Issue-level Security it is written


    Only users with the project-specific 'Set Issue Security' permission can apply a security level to an issue, regardless of whether they are members of the security level.

    but on this page I find out 


    • A person can only set an issue to a Security Level of which they are a member. This prevents the issue from being set to a Security Level of which nobody is a member and effectively becoming 'lost'.

    Wich one is true?

    02 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      Nicholas Arquell

      I think this means that first and foremost, you must have access to that permission to be able to apply a security level.  Second, you can only apply security levels of which you are a member.

      05 Jun 2013
  3. User avatar

    bob pasker

    There is a perfectly good use case for OP's 'private issue' suggestions. 

    Sometimes I'm draft a story or an epic, and I'd like to keep it private (unpublished?) until its completely written, the mock-up is complete, and the attachments are added, before people start wandering in and making comments, etc.


    30 Jul 2013
  4. User avatar

    Коренберг Марк

    Please add screenshot, showing a place where I can add security level to specific issue. I'm angry (!)

     > In the Security Level dropdown field

    But where it is ?!


    31 Aug 2014
    1. User avatar

      Francisco Javier Rodríguez Moreno

      +1 I can't find either the place to edit. The field, in the Issue view, is not editable and if I press Edit it doesn't show up. 


      Thanks a lot.

      17 Sep 2014
      1. User avatar

        Warren Thompson

        Hi Francisco Javier Rodríguez Moreno and Коренберг Марк,

        To be able to use issue security, there are three things you MUST have.

        1. You must have a viable security scheme associated with the project. (This allows the security field to be available on your issues)
        2. You must have the "set issue security" permission added to your permissions. (This is not added by default, you must add it to your profile, or get an admin to add it. If it's for a particular set of users and project, you may need to create a new permission scheme to achieve this)
        3. You  must have access to the security levels within the security scheme. (When setting up the security scheme, you must define security levels, and who has access to these levels.)

        If you have all 3 of these set up accordingly, you should be able to see the security field on the issue, and be able to edit it to any security level you have access too.

        In your case Коренберг Марк I believe there is no security scheme set up. Check out this, it should help.

        As you can see the field Francisco Javier Rodríguez Moreno, I believe your situation is that either you don't have the "set issue security" permission and can't change the level, or alternatively you may not have anything more than one level of security? But I do believe it's a lack of permission.

        I hope this info helps, if you need any more help let me know.



        19 Sep 2014
        1. User avatar

          Internal Applications Support Service

          Dear Warren Thompson

          I have the same issue with my JIRA.

          I have 3 of you suggestion.

          I see default issue security level on the issue, but i can't modify it.

          I can do it some time ago, but not now.

          26 Sep 2014
          1. User avatar

            Warren Thompson

            Hi Internal Applications Support Service,

            I'd suggest chatting to our support team, and letting them check your settings so we can help you with sorting this out. With an out-of-the-box installation, the 3 settings above should ensure you can set issue level security.



            27 Sep 2014
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