JIRA is now available as three separate applications, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. For more information on administering these applications, refer to the Administering JIRA Applications documentation.

Translating JIRA

This page contains information about translating JIRA into languages other than English.

On this page:

Atlassian Translations – a collaborative environment for creating translations of JIRA

The Atlassian Translations site provides a collaborative environment for customers to translate JIRA. (Refer to the instructions for more information). At present there are thousands of accepted translations across a number of languages. We need your help to make this even better! If you are looking at updating or creating a language pack please use Atlassian Translations and tell us about your experience. You can log in with your My Atlassian account. To provide feedback or submit an existing language pack for import please contact The Internationalisation Team.

There is also a plugin currently in Beta release that allows you to translate most JIRA items on the fly: InProduct Translations.

What translations of JIRA are currently available?

Currently, JIRA ships with a number of translations in the most commonly-requested languages. You can easily update these via the Universal Plugin Manager — please see Managing JIRA's Plugins.

As a JIRA administrator, you can choose the default language from the list of installed languages: see Choosing a Default Language for the latest list.

Individual users can also choose their preferred language from the same list: see Choosing a Language.

What about translations of the documentation?

We do not currently offer translations of the JIRA documentation into other languages. However, we do offer a page where people can contribute the guides they have written in languages other than English: JIRA Documentation in Other Languages.

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20 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    there are double text in example:

    Once completed, these can be transformed into regular .properties files with the 'native2ascii' command. E.g. for Russian:

    native2ascii _-encoding cp1251 JiraWebActionSupport_ru_RU-native.txt native2ascii _-encoding cp1251 JiraWebActionSupport_ru_RU-native.txt

    03 Apr 2007
  2. User avatar

    Felix Pahl

    Two things to correct and/or improve about the presentation of JIRA translations:

    29 Apr 2007
  3. User avatar


    Добрый день.
    Задача: сделать так, чтобы в сообщениях от JIRA фразы

    This message is automatically generated by JIRA.
    If you think it was sent incorrectly contact one of the administrators: *http://***/secure/Administrators.jspa (http://***/secure/Administrators.jspa*)*
    For more information on JIRA, see: http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

    были на русском языке.
    Тупой поиск по папке JIRA результата не дал, шаблонов не нашел.
    Где зашиты эти фразы?

    28 Aug 2009
    1. User avatar

      Anton Mazkovoi [Atlassian]

      These language keys and values are in MailingListCompiler.properties. So for Russian you will need to create MailingListCompiler_ru_RU.properties with Russian translations, or edit one if one already exists.


      04 Sep 2009
  4. User avatar

    Ferran Busquets

    For translating Jira 4 there are an issue about "how to translate bundled plugins": http://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-19529

    29 Oct 2009
  5. User avatar


    Can someone suggest how translate buttons (TOOLS,ADD GADGET,EDIT LAYOT) in JIRA4 ?

    25 Jan 2010
  6. User avatar

    Anton Kolin [Teamlead]

    For russian users JIRA and Confluence, please see Russian Localization Plugin.

    08 May 2010
  7. User avatar

    Anna Mikhaylova

    There is no file "language_default.jar" in JIRA 4.4. at all :(
    What file can we use instead?

    26 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar

      Jaan Raamets

      Yeah, looks like Atlassian changed translation in 4.4 again. But the question is what would you like to do? If you want translate new language, then contact Atlassian Translations team. If you want just to improve some translations, then register user at Atlassian Translations and start collaborating :)

      And if you want change some language translatsions, then maybe go to Atlassian Translation, download the language jar, that you want to change, unzip it, try to change com/atlassian/jira/web/action/JiraWebActionSupport_<Language Code>_<Country Code>.properties, zip it again as .jar and install with JIRA plugin manager.

      Of course you can play around with jira-lang-<Language Code>_<Country Code>-4.4.jar files from WEB-INF/lib directory too.

      26 Aug 2011
      1. User avatar

        Anna Mikhaylova

        thank you for your help and extremely useful links!
        I want to correct and add some russian translations, so I need to know what exactly property I have to change or add.
        As far as I understand if some text hasn't been translated yet, I cannot find it in my language-jar(

        26 Aug 2011
        1. User avatar

          Jaan Raamets

          Anna you should be able to search it in Atlassina translation web page, it has pretty good search (but you must play a bit with different search parameters). Or maybe you could use the jira-lang-en_US-4.4.jar form from WEB/lib catalog instead of old language_default.jar . I used the german version for testing - if some word in UI was not translated to german, then I did give up the search, if it was tranlsated, then I did try to find it in file.

          26 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar

      Paul Slade

      Anna, I am the Dev Manager for JIRA.  We are in the process of updating the documentation to reflect the steps that Jaan outlined in his comment.  I too am interested in what you are trying to do.  You can see more details on how to use Atlassian Translations here -  Atlassian Translations.

      26 Aug 2011
      1. User avatar

        Anna Mikhaylova

        I want to correct and add some russian translations, so I need to know what exactly property I have to change or add.
        Thank you for useful link, but search by translation in translation.atlassian.com doesn't seem to work for Russian language :(
        It would be much easier to have one source in English (how it was in previous JIRA version), where I could find every string.
        As far as I understand if some text hasn't been translated yet, I cannot find it in my language-jar(

        26 Aug 2011
        1. User avatar

          Paul Slade

          Anna, there is an hidden option in JIRA 4.3 and above that will show the message keys for parts of the user interface that can be translated.  To turn it on just put i18ntranslate=on at the end of any URL.

          28 Aug 2011
          1. User avatar

            Anna Mikhaylova

            Paul, thank you!

            Your option - that's exactly what I need!

            29 Aug 2011
  8. User avatar

    Ellen Feaheny [AppFusions]

    Maybe you want to try AppFusions' "SpeakMyLanguage" Translation On-demand" plugin for JIRA.


    06 Feb 2012
  9. User avatar


    Could you please include the language pack plugin updates to the plugin update-check? Why in the world is 5.0.0-v2r4319-2012-02-29 online ready for download manually, while 5.0.0-rc2-v2r3852-2012-01-06 is installed in JIRA 5.0. No update info shown anywhere (sad)

    01 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar

      Paul Slade

      Dominic, most of the translation effort for JIRA 5.0 was done in the RC2 timeframe.  That is why you see the RC2 version of the language packs bundled with the product.  We have not yet uploaded a more recent version of the language packs to plugins.atlassian.com.  We will do this shortly as part of the JIRA 5.0.1 release.  You can download more recent language packs from translations.atlassian.com and install them manually (using the Universal Plugins Manager) into your JIRA instance.

      01 Mar 2012
  10. User avatar


    Microsoft Office has a built-in translation program that can easily, though not necessarily very accurately, convert english language document files into dozens of foreign languages, including spanish. Thanks.


    12 Nov 2012
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