Upgrading to JIRA 3.3 Standalone

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Upgrading to JIRA 3.3 Standalone

JIRA Standalone now ships with Tomcat 5.5 - allowing users to use JIRA out of the box with the latest version of the popular application server.

Previous version of JIRA shipped with an older version of Tomcat, for example, JIRA 3.2.x shipped with Tomcat 4.1.29. The configuration files for Tomcat 5.5 are not compatible with files from older Tomcat releases.

This means that you cannot simply copy the conf/server.xml from your old JIRA Standalone installation. You will need to use the conf/server.xml shipped with JIRA 3.3 Standalone as a starting point, and then customise it for your database as described in our documentation.

Last modified on Aug 10, 2005

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