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Viewing an Issue's Crucible Reviews

If you are using compatible versions of JIRA and Crucible, you can view the reviews related to an issue via the Development panel. You should only use the information on this page, if you have older versions of JIRA and Crucible.

JIRA allows you to view the reviews related to an issue (that is, where the JIRA issue key was referenced in the commit message), if you are using Atlassian Crucible.

The Reviews tab provides you with an expandable list of code reviews related to the issue. This allows you to view the commit message and list of source-code files in each commit. You can also:

(info) Your JIRA administrator must have configured the FishEye plugin on your JIRA server, if you want to view the reviews for an issue. You will also need the 'View Development Tools'  permission in the appropriate projects.

Viewing an Issue's Reviews

  1. Open the relevant issue in JIRA.
  2. Click the Reviews tab in the Activity section.
  3. The list of code reviews related to the issue will display.

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2 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Jon Sword

    On the "View Issue" page I am unable to find the "Reviews" tab.  I can see the source tab with the associated source and it gives me the option to create a new crucible review -- but on this page I can not find a way to see the review that is linked to the issue.

    If I go to the *project* "Source" tab it shows me the review and the source.  I just can't find it on the "view issue" page.

    12 Nov 2010
    1. User avatar

      Stephan Vollmer

      I had the same problem and found the solution: Make sure that the FishEye user that is configured in JIRA is marked as "Active Crucible user" in FishEye/Crucible.

      • in JIRA: Administration | FishEye Configuration | FishEye Username
      • in FishEye: Administration | User Settings | Users. Find the appropriate user and click Edit. Enable the checkbox Active Crucible user.

      I hope this helps!

      01 Dec 2010
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