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Workload Pie Chart Report

The 'Workload Pie Chart' report displays the relative workload for assignees of all issues in a particular project or issue filter.

Note: this report is only available if your JIRA administrator has enabled time-tracking and installed the JIRA Charting Plugin.

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What does the Workload Pie Chart report look like?

The report generated will look something like this:

Screenshot: 'Workload Pie Chart' report

Generating a Workload Pie Chart report

To generate the report:

  1. Navigate to the desired project.
  2. Choose Summary (tab) > Reports section > Workload Pie Chart Report.
  3. Choose the project or issue filter for which you wish to generate a Workload Pie Chart report.
  4. In the Statistic drop-down list, select the field on which the pie chart will be based (this will usually be Assignee).
  5. Click Next to generate the report (see screenshot in previous section above).

Configuring your Internet Explorer cache settings

If you use Internet Explorer, you will need to configure your browser to be able to print pages with charts correctly:

  1. Select 'Internet Options' from the 'Tools' menu:
  2. The 'Internet Options' window will display. Click the 'Settings' button in the 'Temporary Internet files' (i.e. cache) section:
  3. The 'Settings' window will display. Ensure that you have do not have the 'Every visit to the page' (i.e. no caching) option selected. If so, select the 'Automatically' option instead.

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17 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    Hey guys, 

    I have a question in regards to the workload pie chart feature.

    In our project, we sometimes take advantage of pair programming, which means that 2 developers can work on a single task. This means that for a task that has a certain Assignee, multiple people will work on that task and hence log their work.

    The Workload Pie chart (if statistic type is set to Assignee) now shows the time spent by all developers for the tasks that are assigned to them. However, it will also include work logs from other developers that worked on a certain task but weren't assigned to it.

    What I am wondering is whether or not there is a setting that creates the workload pie chart based on the work logs of all developers, as this shows a more realistic picture of the actual work load.


    Thanks for your help.

    13 Apr 2012
    1. User avatar

      Giles Gaskell

      Hi there,

      I'm not sure if this would help, but would creating sub-tasks of a task assigned to the individual users/developers (who contribute work to the parent task) help?

      In this scenario, your users/developers could log work on the specific sub-tasks assigned to them - with no-one logging work on the parent tasks.

      If necessary, modify your filter's query (i.e. used by your pie chart) to retrieve/include these sub-tasks so that your pie chart presents the time spent by individual assignees of all these sub-tasks.

      You can see how much total/aggregated time has been spent on an individual parent task, by viewing that parent task and ensuring the Include sub-tasks check box in the Time Tracking panel on the right has been selected. See Logging Work on an Issue for more information.

      Hope that helps.



      16 May 2012
  2. User avatar


    I also have this same question. Waiting for answers.

    16 May 2012
  3. User avatar


    I have two questions regarding Workload Charts:

    1) Is it possible to have a chart showing the Logging Work statistics for a group of tasks? I would like to see in a pie with: total used time / remaining time (estimated would be the complete pie)?

    2) Is it possible to have this chart shown on time? This would be similar to the open and closed issues chart, but considering the percentage of work done for open tasks.

    Thank you!


    06 Feb 2013
  4. User avatar


    These Workload pie charts are limited in that they sum up anyone's logged work to whoever the current assignee is.
    You can add a different gadget on the dashboard called Project Pivot or Time Sheet, which will breakdown the time per person.

    Its not as pretty as a pie chart, but if you are spreadsheet savvy, you can export it and generate your own charts.

    06 Mar 2013
  5. User avatar


    I do not see 'Reports section' in my project summary. I have installed the JIRA Charts plugin and have also enable Time Tracking. Is there any thing else I need to configure here?

    29 May 2013
    1. User avatar

      Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]


      The Reports section should be under the Issues: 30 Day Summary graph on your project summary (e.g. Browsing a Project's Summary).

      Note, if you are using JIRA 5.2.0 or earlier, this report is available via the Reports menu in the top right of the Project summary (e.g. Browsing a Project's Summary (JIRA 5.1)).

      Kind Regards,

      29 May 2013
  6. User avatar


    Is it possible that we get to customize the results of the Workload Pie Chart Report? Say, what we want to just display are the logged hours for a given week?

    10 Jun 2013
  7. User avatar


    Another request for setting the time period for the Pie chart


    26 Jun 2013
  8. User avatar


    I don't see the workload Pie Chart Report in the list of reports. There is a Story creation report which isn't presented here, but no Worload Pie Chart Report

    01 Jul 2013
  9. User avatar


    I don't see the workload Pie Chart Report in the list of reports. There is a Story creation report which isn't presented here, but no Worload Pie Chart Report

    01 Jul 2013
  10. User avatar


    Is there a way to see the percentage range that shouws up on a pie chart by assignee?

    23 Jul 2013
  11. User avatar

    Lisa Reilly

    Hi - I'm getting "An internal server error occurred when requesting resource" when I try to select a project or filter for this feature. Even though I have full permissions to view said filters/featutes?

    07 Aug 2013
  12. User avatar

    Adam Liwski

    Hi - I'm getting "An internal server error occurred when requesting resource" too on all existing / new workload pie charts, since upgrading to 6.2.7

    We cannot upgrade to 6.3 since we have some plugins that we need that are not yet supported...

    20 Aug 2014
    1. User avatar

      Eric Salenc

      We get the same error with

      • JIRA 6.2.7
      • JIRA Charting Plugin 1.26

      But the plugin provider claims they are compatible 

      29 Aug 2014
      1. User avatar

        Eric Salenc

        It seems that the compatibility table has changed.

        We updated the plugin at a time where the compatibility table told 1.26 was compatible with our JIRA 6.2.7, then we got 1.26 installed.

        Now the same table tells JIRA 6.2.7 is compatible with 1.23 only. Then we uninstalled the plugin + reinstalled it from the market place and the 1.23 version has been automatically installed this time

        11 Sep 2014
  13. User avatar

    Kristof Vandermeersch

    Strange: The Data Table cannot be sorted in the first (text) column.

    The header is clickable, but it sorts on the second column (hours)


    22 Jan 2015
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