ActionManager Removed

From JIRA 3.7, the ActionManager has been refactored into several other interfaces, these include the CommentManager, WorklogManager, ChangeHistoryManager, RepositoryManager and IssueTabPanel. The following table is a mapping of the old ActionManager methods to the new refactored ones (including the new java interface the method resides in).

You will notice that the new methods in JIRA 3.7 take in the Issue object as opposed to the GenericValue.

ActionManager method (Pre JIRA 3.7)

Corresponding method (Post JIRA 3.7)

Corresponding Interface

List getComments(GenericValue issue, User user)

List getCommentsForUser(Issue issue, User user)


List getWorklog(GenericValue issue, User user)

List getWorklogsForUser(Issue issue, User user)


List getChangeHistory(GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)

List getChangeHistoriesForUser(Issue issue, User remoteUser)


List getWorkflow(GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)



List getActions(GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)

List getActions(Issue issue, User remoteUser)


List getCommits(GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)

Map getCommits(Issue issue, User remoteUser)


Email createEmail(GenericValue issue, Message mimeMessage)



List getEmails(GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)



List getPluginModuleActions(String moduleKey, GenericValue issue, User remoteUser)

List getActions(Issue issue, User remoteUser)


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