Browsing a Project's Road Map

JIRA provides a Road Map for each project, which shows issues scheduled for the next ten unreleased versions (whereas the Change Log shows released versions). The Road Map provides an overview of progress made towards releasing a version; therefore, the versions appear in the opposite order of the way they appear on the Versions screen for the project.

If your administrator has hidden the 'Fix For Version' field, the Road Map report is not available.

To browse a project's Road Map,

  1. On the top navigation bar, click the white triangle next to Projects. The projects dropdown will display.
    (tick) Tip: You can access your current project directly by simply clicking the Projects link instead of the triangle.
  2. Click the project you wish to browse. If the project is not displayed in the dropdown, click View All Projects, which allows you to view a list of all accessible projects on your JIRA site, and select your project from there.
  3. Click Road Map in the left column. The road map for your project is displayed (see screenshot below).
    • Click the issues link next to any version to expand the list of issues related to that version.
    • Click the release notes link to see the tasks, bugs, and other information for that version.

Screenshot: Viewing a project's road map


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Last modified on Apr 28, 2014

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