Configuring JIRA with HipChat

This page covers integrations between JIRA Server and HipChat Server and Cloud. If you are using JIRA Cloud, see the following  documentation. This page also assumes that you are using the latest version of the integration plugin. Some features may not be available with previous versions of the plugin.


By integrating JIRA with HipChat, you get the following features:

    • Get notified in your HipChat rooms when things change in your JIRA projects. Select only the issue types and priorities you want to see.
    • See a user's HipChat status and send JIRA notifications to your HipChat rooms.

Before you can configure HipChat notifications in JIRA, you need to integrate JIRA with HipChat Server using the  HipChat for JIRA integration plugin for your version of JIRA Server.

Linking JIRA and your HipChat site

To do this:

  1. Log in as a JIRA administrator or a Project Administrator.
    1. As a JIRA administrator go to > System > MAIL and choose HipChat Integration
    2. As a project administrator go to the  Project Settings > HipChat integration.
  2. Select Connect HipChat.
  3. Follow the instructions to link JIRA to your HipChat site.
  4. Once integrated, you can connect your JIRA projects to your HipChat rooms.

Connecting projects to HipChat rooms

You can link JIRA projects with one or more a HipChat rooms so that when issues are created or go through transitions, notifications are sent to the HipChat rooms that you specify.  

To do this:

  1. You must be a logged in as a JIRA administrator or a Project Administrator.
  2. Choose > Projects. 
  3. Select a project.
  4. In the Project Administration menu select HipChat Integration.
  5. Choose a HipChat room and select Add.
  6. Select the Issue Type and Priority.
  7. Select the actions that will send a notification to your room. This can include when an issue is created or is transitioned.
  8. Changes are saved automatically, continue browsing your project to continue.


Private rooms

Private rooms in HipChat are by invitation only. In order to in connect JIRA to a private room in HipChat you will need to log into HipChat from the HipChat Integration setup screen.

Once you log in, all of the private rooms that you are a member of will be displayed in the room selector drop down menu.  When your JIRA project and room are integrated, everyone in the private room will be able to see the notifications that are sent to that room. 

Discuss JIRA issues in HipChat rooms

You can focus your discussion by creating or selecting a HipChat room to discuss a JIRA issue.   When JIRA is integrated with HipChat and you are in the JIRA issue screen, you can select to "Create a room" or "Choose a room" in the HipChat discussions panel.  This will associate the current issue and the room and any changes to the issue will send a notification to that room.


JIRA issue preview

With JIRA issue preview enabled, if you enter an issue key as part of a message, or paste a URL for the issue in any room in HipChat, you can receive a preview of the issue. This way the entire room can see and be on the same page when discussing a JIRA issue, without ever having to leave the discussion.


A note on JIRA permissions

If this feature is enabled for a project, a preview will be posted in HipChat for any issue key/URL for that project. If a project contains sensitive information you don't want shared in HipChat, make sure to disable this feature for this project. 

Connectivity requirements for JIRA and/or HipChat Server customers

For this feature to work, HipChat needs to be able to talk to JIRA, which means that your JIRA instance must be addressable and accept inbound connections via HTTPS. 

Issue preview in rooms with guest access

By default, issue preview is disabled in rooms with guest access. This can be changed as follows: 

As a JIRA Administrator:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose  > System >  Mail > HipChat integration.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Select the check box to enable issue preview for guest rooms.
  5. Select Save to exit.

Configuring JIRA issue previews

When configuring issue preview, if you are logged in as a JIRA Administrator you can enable or disable it for all projects.  This setting can also be overridden by a Project Admin by individually enabling or disabling each project.

As a JIRA Administrator:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose  > System >  Mail > HipChat integration.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Select the check box to enable or disable the Issue Preview globally. 
  5. Select Save to exit.

As a Project Administrator:

  1. You must be a logged in as a Project Administrator.
  2. Choose  Projects. 
  3. Select a project.
  4. In the Project Administration menu select HipChat Integration.
  5. Select Advanced Settings
  6. Select the check box to enable or disable Issue Preview for your current room. 
  7. Select Save to exit.

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