Defining Resolution Field Values

Resolutions are the ways in which an issue can be closed. JIRA ships with a set of default resolutions, but you can add your own as follows.

Defining a new resolution

Don't create a Resolution named "Unresolved"/"None"

Any issue that has the Resolution field set is treated by JIRA as "resolved". The Issue Navigator displays Unresolved when no resolution is set for an issue. So adding a resolution named Unresolved/None and setting it in an issue will mean that the issue is seen by JIRA as resolved. This will lead to confusion and is not recommended. 

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > Issues. Select Resolutions to open the View Resolutions page, which lists the standard resolutions, along with a form for adding new resolutions.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing resolutions
  3. Complete the Add New Resolution form at the bottom of the page:
    • Name — enter a short phrase that best describes your new resolution.
    • Description — enter a sentence or two to describe when this resolution should be used.

(info) The View Resolutions page can be used to edit, delete, set as default, and re-order the resolutions as they are displayed to the user who is resolving an issue.

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