Diagrams of Possible Configurations for User Management

The aim of these diagrams is to help people understand each directory type at a glance. We have kept the diagrams simple and conceptual, with just enough information to be correct.

Some things that we do not attempt to show:

  • In most cases, we do not attempt to show that you can have multiple directory types mapped to JIRA at the same time. We illustrate that fact in just the first two LDAP diagrams.
  • We have not included a diagram for Confluence's legacy connection to JIRA database.
  • We do not attempt to show all of the possible configurations and layered connections that are available now that you can use JIRA as a directory manager.

On this page:

JIRA Internal Directory


Diagram above: JIRA using its internal directory for user management.

JIRA with Read/Write Connection to LDAP


Diagram above: JIRA connecting to an LDAP directory.

JIRA with Read-Only Connection to LDAP, with Local Groups


Diagram above: JIRA connecting to an LDAP directory with permissions set to read only and local groups.

JIRA Internal Directory with LDAP Authentication


Diagram above: JIRA connecting to an LDAP directory for authentication only.

JIRA with LDAP Authentication, Copy Users on First Login


Diagram above: JIRA connecting to an LDAP directory for authentication only, with each user copied to the internal directory when they first log in to JIRA.

One JIRA Site Connecting to Another


Diagram above: One JIRA site connecting to another for user management. JIRA site 2 does the user management, storing the user data in its internal directory.

Confluence and JIRA Connecting to Crowd


Diagram above: Confluence, JIRA and other applications connecting to Crowd for user management.

A Number of Applications Connecting to JIRA


Diagram above: A number of applications connecting to JIRA (site 2) for user management, with JIRA in turn connecting to an LDAP server.


Configuring User Directories

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