Editing an Issue

To edit a JIRA issue, you need the Edit Issue project permission for the issue's relevant project. If you do not have this permission, please contact your JIRA administrator.

To edit an existing JIRA issue:

  1. Locate the issue you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button (at the top-left of the 'view issue' page) to open the Edit Issue dialog box.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: e
    Alternatively, hover your mouse over a field and click the pencil icon  to edit it inline.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: , then enter the desired field name.
  3. Modify your issue's details in the appropriate fields of the Edit Issue dialog box.
    (info)  If you want to access fields which are not shown on this dialog box or you want to hide existing fields:
    1. Click the Configure Fields button.
    2. Click Custom and select the fields you want to show or hide by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes, respectively, or click All to show all fields.
      (info) When you next edit an issue for a given project, JIRA remembers your last choice of selected fields.
  4. Click the Update button to save your changes.

(tick) Tips:

  • You can mention other users in the Description or Comment field so that an email message will be sent to the user's email address (registered with their JIRA account) upon clicking the Update button. See Emailing an issue to users by mentioning them for details.
  • In certain text fields for an issue, you can link to other issues, insert macros, insert images and more. For more information, see Editing Rich-Text Fields.

Screenshot: Customizing the fields on the Edit Issue dialog


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Last modified on Sep 13, 2013

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