Emailing an Issue

You can email other JIRA users a link to an issue either by sharing the issue with them or by mentioning them in an issue's Description or Comment field.

You can also email an issue any email address — not only just JIRA users – using the Share option. This is useful on JIRA sites where projects can be accessed anonymously.

Sharing an issue

To email other JIRA users a link to an issue, use the Share option. This feature also allows you to add an optional note to the email message.

To share an issue with one or more JIRA users or any email addresses:

  1. View the issue you want to share.
  2. Click the Share button at the top-right.
    (tick)  Keyboard shortcut: s
  3. Specify JIRA users (by typing their usernames or part/all of their full names as registered with their JIRA user accounts) or type any email addresses of individuals you wish to share the issue with.
    (tick) When you begin typing a JIRA user's username or name, or a previously specified email address, an autocomplete dropdown list of users appears.
  4. Add an optional Note.
  5. Click the Share button at the bottom of the displayed window.

(info) Note:

  • Any specified recipients will receive an email message whose body contains the content of the Note (if one was included) as well as a link to the issue. 
  • A shared issue sent to JIRA users specified in the User name or email field will be sent to the email addresses registered with these user's respective JIRA accounts. 
  • The subject line of the email message will specify you as the JIRA user who 'shared' the issue with the recipients.
  • You can also share a search result. For details, see Sharing a Search Result.

Emailing an issue to users by mentioning them

When creating, editing or commenting on an issue, you can easily email other JIRA users a link to the issue by mentioning these users in the issue's Description or Comment field.

To mention a user on an issue:

  1. Create, edit or comment on an issue.
  2. In the issue's Description or the Comment field, type '@' and then the first few characters of the JIRA user's username or part or all of their full name (registered with their JIRA user account).
    (info) As you start typing, a list of suggested users will appear in a dropdown list below the field (if you have the Browse Users global permission).
  3. Complete typing the JIRA user's username or choose from the list of suggested users in the dropdown list.
    (info) When you submit the field, JIRA will send that user an email message indicating that you mentioned them on that issue.

(info) Notes:

  • Upon submitting your Description or Comment field that mentions one or more JIRA users, an email message will be sent to the email addresses registered with these user's respective JIRA accounts. 
  • If either the Description or Comment field does not use the Wiki Style Renderer, you can still mention users (who will receive email notifications) but once the field is submitted, the users' usernames will not be converted to links leading to their profile pages. Instead, any mentioned users will appear 'literally' in wiki markup style, i.e. [~username].
  • JIRA will only send an email message to JIRA users upon each unique mention. Hence, if you edit an issue's Description or Comment and do not mention a user a second time, that user will not receive a notification once the field is submitted.
  • When you mention users, they will not be automatically added to the watcher list. If you mention users who are already watchers of the issue, they receive one email notification only when you save the edits that have their names mentioned.
  • If an username is changed, existing mentions will continue to show the older username. One reason for this is because mentions are used mostly in the short-term, to get a user's attention at the time the mention is made.


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Last modified on Jul 22, 2014

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