How to Configure Workflow to allow Certain Group to Perform Certain Workflow Transition

Steps in this page are using Scenario below, it might be vary depend on your setup

Only users from "Team Lead" group are allow to CLOSE an issue with Issue Type is Bug

Currently, JIRA is not able to set permission scheme based on issue type. It is a improvement request being filed in JRA-5865 - Allow permission schemes to be configured per issue type Closed . So if we want to allow only certain users to perform a certain transition on specific issue type. It is not possible, however we can achieve this by using Issue Type Workflow Scheme.

For example, if we want to allow only Team Lead to close bug and improvement request in Project A, we can do the follow setup.

  1. Create a new Workflow scheme by referring to document below:
  2. Copy the current in-use project A's workflow.
  3. In the copied workflow, modify the "close issue" transition > under condition > add a new condition > only allow Team lead group to perform close issue transition. You can refer to page below to learn how to set condition to transition:
  4. In the new workflow schemes, assign the modified workflow to the scheme by selecting the issue type - bug. Refer to page below for detail steps:
  5. Repeat step above for improvement request and other issue type.
  6. Associated the new workflow scheme to the project.

After that, only users from Team lead group/role are allow to close bug and improvement request, while other issue types are not affected.

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