How to Create a FishEye's Changeset or Crucible's Review Link on JIRA's Comment or Description

(warning) Note, the Application Links Link Rendering Plugin that is recommended on this page is not supported by Atlassian.

There are times when it is convenience to create a FishEye's changeset or Crucible's review link on a JIRA issue's field, such as on a comment or description.  An example of this feature would be to write in a comment such as "I found something of interest in r234 that might explain this bug". The string r234 would then automatically be converted into a link to changeset 234 in FishEye.

In order to achieve this, you must:

  1. Install the Application Links Link Rendering Plugin.
  2. Create a trusted Authentication between JIRA and FishEye (Either Trusted or OAuth)
  3. Configure the Comment and Description field to be Wiki Style Renderer

1. Install Application Links Link Rendering Plugin

  • Download the jar file from this link and placed it on <JIRA-HOME>\plugins\installed-plugins\ directory
  • You will need to restart your JIRA instance for the plugin to be installed

2. Create an Application Link between your JIRA and FishEye

  • Create an Application link between JIRA and FishEye using OAuth Authentication or Trusted Application

  • Make sure that you have created a project link between a Repository in FishEye and with a JIRA project

    Do note that as of FishEye 2.9, JIRA does not need to create a project link to FishEye repo. However, in order for this feature to work, the project mapping must exists.

3. Make sure the renderer for the comment and description field are set to Wiki-Style Renderer

  1. Go to the page "Administration >> Field Configurations"
  2. Open the "Default Filed Configuration" or other field configuration associate to your project.
  3. Locate the Comment field and make sure the renderer is set to Wiki Style Render
    • If not, change the render from "Default Text render" to "Wiki Style Render"

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