How to Make a JIRA Patch

To make any substantial modifications or additions to JIRA's source, you should read Building JIRA from Source. This implies building a WAR and deploying this to your Application Server.

Making a Single Class Patch

This guide describes how to make a source code modification to a single class file.

  1. Download Maven 2.1.0 from the Apache archives of the Maven website.
  2. Set your PATH and M2_HOME environment variables where you install Maven (and its /bin directory for the PATH).
    (tick) Refer to the Building JIRA from Source documentation for details.
  3. Download JIRA source.
  4. Changed directory into your extracted JIRA source directory and then into its jira-project subdirectory.
  5. Run one of the following, depending on your preferred IDE:

    mvn idea:idea


    mvn eclipse:eclipse
  6. Open the resulting project.
  7. From your IDE, build the project.
  8. From your IDE, open and compile a file. The compiled file will appear in the target/classes directory of the maven module that you are working on. If you are working with JIRA's core classes, this is likely to be in /jira-project/jira-components/jira-core/target/classes

Deploying the Patch

To deploy a patch, drop the file in the classpath from <jira-install>/WEB-INF/classes. For example, if you compile the class:

com.atlassian.jira.appconsistency.integrity.check.SearchRequestRelationCheck will be available from:


To deploy this class, place it in:


...then restart JIRA.

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