Installation Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide lists some of the common installation problems people run into

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My JIRA instance starts up with strange errors, what could be wrong?

If you're using the Windows XP, you may have extracted JIRA with the built-in unzip tool. This built-in unzip tool is broken - it silently fails to extract files with long names (see JRA-2153). Other users have also reported problems using WinRAR. Please use another tool like 7-zip or WinZIP to unpack JIRA.

If you're using Solaris, it also suffers from similar problems. You will need to use GNU tar to handle the long filenames.

Other users have reported similar problems using Midnight Commander.

Error on Dashboard about Gadget plugin

Some users have reported that installing JIRA 5.x on the Amazon Free servers succeeds except for an error on the Dashboard screens about gadget plugins not being found. Adding more memory to the VM made this error go away. More information at JIRA applications System Plugin Timeout While Waiting for Add-ons to Enable

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