JIRA 3.10.2 Release Notes

JIRA 3.10.2 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.10.2 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes 24 bug fixes and improvements.

JIRA 3.10.2 can be downloaded here, and is of course free to all customers who purchased their JIRA licence or maintenance since August 17, 2006.

If upgrading, please refer to the JIRA 3.10.2 Upgrade Guide.

Not using 3.10? Learn about all the new features you're missing out on!

JIRA 3.10.2 includes the following bug fixes.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-14086 Setup page is accessable after JIRA instance has been setup already Highest Resolved
Bug JRA-13302 It is possible to see components without logging in High Resolved
Bug JRA-13285 "Ausgabehinweise" is a really really "literal" translation for "Release Notes" *yuck* High Resolved
Bug JRA-13232 Missing active row and columns links in dashboard portlets High Resolved
Bug JRA-13158 2d Portlet loss of functionality to select row High Resolved
Bug JRA-13151 Revert to 3.9 behaviour for stats page links for: Assignee, Version, Component, etc. High Resolved
Bug JRA-13224 Error when editing User Is In Group Custom Field Condition in workflow Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13210 Description in "Delete Issues" permission is inaccurate Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13201 windows service installation script (service.bat) doesn't set the service correctly for JVM Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13199 Easy NPE in Browse Version Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13165 Calendar Turkish Lang File Cause JavaScript Error Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13149 Bugzilla importer does not check if entered key is already used by a project Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13118 Windows installer uses existing Java JRE rather than built-in JRE Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13094 administration - global settings - general configuration: User picker autocomplete option cannot be changed to On Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-12974 Sorting by work-ratio breaks if no issues have an original estimate Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-12600 CachedGenericConfigManager is not thread safe Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10303 User Picker & Group Searcher Search Template does not respect Issue Type Context when Filtering Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13246 Minor typo mistake in English language pack Low Resolved
Bug JRA-13217 The search description does not link to Browse Fix For Version and Browse Component page when searching versions or components Low Resolved
Bug JRA-13209 moveissue.step1.desc in "Move Issue" error message Low Resolved
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