JIRA 3.12.2 Release Notes

21 February 2008

JIRA 3.12.2 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.12.2 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements, including important security fixes: please see JIRA Security Advisory 2008-02-21 for details. Additionally, the FishEye plugin now supports trusted applications for increased security over the existing username and password authentication. Read more about using the FishEye plugin.

JIRA 3.12.2 is of course free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.

Don't have JIRA 3.12 yet?
Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 3.12 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a Previous Version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 3.12.2 Upgrade Guide.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

JIRA 3.12.2 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-14413 TrustedApplicationFilter does not refresh TrustedApplicationsManager dependency when data imported High Resolved
Bug JRA-14178 Missing comment in email after bulk edit High Resolved
Bug JRA-14164 Jelly TransitionWorkflow tag in forEach loop sets wrong assignees High Resolved
Bug JRA-14147 Delete notifications cause NPE High Resolved
Bug JRA-15230 Typo on Downgrading JIRA doc Medium Closed
Bug JRA-15199 Formatting of code sections of LDAP debugging documentation has gone awry Medium Closed
Bug JRA-14414 Trusted authentication doesn't work for Confluence users with uppercase usernames Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14384 Project name that contains double-quote is not properly escaped on Issue Navigator page Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14318 Default issue type is not being pickup Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14226 The top navigation bars html is outside of the html body tag Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14215 Exception in user-picker on EACJ Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14183 Terrible error reporting when establishing trusted connections Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-14174 Trackback Link Does Not Have a Base URL Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-13940 url rewrite doesn not rewrite the sort part for datecreated, lastupdated and duedate Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-15587 Link to Issue Type in 'What is an Issue?' page points to the incorrect anchor Low Closed
Bug JRA-14308 JavaScript error on IE when selecting reporter via sub-task's quick create form Low Resolved
Bug JRA-14269 NullPointerException when creating an issue with poorly-configured workflow using AssignToLeadDeveloper function Low Resolved
Bug JRA-14244 UI bug: text wrongly aligned in workflow editor Low Resolved
Bug JRA-14237 NullPointerException when moving portlet on the dashboard page Low Resolved
Bug JRA-14233 Filters link refreshes till out of page Low Resolved
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