JIRA 3.2.2 Release Notes

JIRA 3.2.2 Release Notes

In the tradition of frequent and worthwhile updates, JIRA 3.2.2 is released today in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements. It can be downloaded here. See the JIRA 3.2 Upgrade Guide before upgrading.

JIRA 3.2.2 includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-7061 Bugzilla importer fails when importing existing users Highest Resolved
Bug JRA-7119 When moving issues and the reporter is updated it is always displayed as Anonymous in the confirmation screen. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7101 Remove dependency on io.ByteToCharConverter from EditApplicationProperties Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7080 Broken issue count Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7051 Move Issue Update Workflow fails Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7047 Problem with link to unassigned issues from the project browse page. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7046 Mantis importer: cannot import, delete and reimport Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7039 Filter statistics returning negative percentage counts Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7036 NPE stepping through a query Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7016 Adding a project through the SOAP interface does not refresh the project cache Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7003 Roadmap returning wrong issue completed progress Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-6988 Error in link in Configure Issue Type Screen Scheme page Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-6976 Correct JSP that modifies worklog Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-6336 Bugzilla ID field is lost after issue is edited. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-5368 Attachment with german umlaut in file name can't be shown Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-7083 typo in workflow setup screen Low Resolved
Bug JRA-7076 When creating 'watched issues' portlet, configuration asks about 'votes' instead of 'watchers' Low Resolved
Bug JRA-7050 No need to refresh the whole project cache on component creation Low Resolved
Bug JRA-7049 No need to refresh project cache when creating new issues Low Resolved
Bug JRA-7025 Counting error when reassigning issues during workflow change? Low Resolved
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