JIRA 3.5.3 Release Notes

JIRA 3.5.3 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.5.3 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 20 bug fixes and improvements. It can be downloaded here.

If upgrading from an earlier version please read through the JIRA 3.5.3 Upgrade Guide.

JIRA 3.5.3 includes over 20 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-9670 Integrity Checker fails when correcting the default dashboard Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9666 When an issue type is not specified the CSV importer grabs the first it sees, but this may not be valid because of issue types per project Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9613 Found typo in a file Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9586 Bugzilla doesn't import priorities Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9582 UpgradeTask 132 fails if "Assign Issue Screen" does not have a description Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9578 initiating user detail not properly shown in usercreated email Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9575 Permission-Bug in Manage Watcher List Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9562 @123,456@ in Wiki renderer results in a text field Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9548 Custom field values for multi selects not returned in SOAP Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9544 file "\includes\snippets\listbyname.jsp" is missing taglib identifier Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9505 Delete component displays erratic message Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9476 Workflow cache not updated on project creation. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9452 Last two builds JIRA won't allow setting an issue to unassigned as a Post function in workflow transitions Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9399 Bulk Move - New security level field values are shown from originating project, not the target project Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9394 Security Bug: Deletion of a comment made to jira-developers is visible to all jira-users when viewing change history Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9691 jira.projectkey.warning and jira.projectkey.description properties not used Low Resolved
Bug JRA-9689 Jira says JAVA_HOME contains spaces even if it doesn't Low Resolved
Bug JRA-9285 Project portlet doesnt remember the [hide] [show>>] settings upon refresh Low Resolved

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