JIRA 3.6.2 Release Notes

JIRA 3.6.2 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.6.2 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 40 bug fixes and improvements. It can be downloaded here.

If upgrading from an earlier version please read through the JIRA 3.6.2 Upgrade guide.

JIRA 3.6.2 includes over 40 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-10167 Bulk Edit allows you to edit issue type even if the workflows are different High Resolved
Bug JRA-10109 Second select box of cascading select custom field not populated correctly during Bulk Edit High Resolved
Bug JRA-10065 Cascading select custom field doesn't pop up in the "Move Issue" screen if the field has a context in source and destination projects. High Resolved
Bug JRA-9864 OutOfMemoryErrors when running Confluence and Jira on the same server High Resolved
Bug JRA-9791 Error unarchiving Jira on Mac OS X High Resolved
Bug JRA-10215 CustomFieldManager: getCustomFieldObjects passes issue ID rather than project ID Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10213 Version custom fields will munge their data when going through a move or bulk move Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10212 TestUpgradeTask_Build56 should fetch the e-mail address from external-link.properties rather than hard code the value Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10148 Subversion Plugin: Repository URLs with no realtive repository path not working Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10116 JavaScript error on everypage with IE 7 Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10083 Exporting an issue to word displays descrption twice Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10076 Screenshot attachment applet cause closed session on Websphere 6.0 Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10055 Attachment creation failure causes message handler to loop over message indefinitely. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9961 Session Timeout caused in Bulk Operations Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9946 The projects won't appear in browse project view after Bugzilla import Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9944 Trackbacks - send outgoing pings to all issues is not reflected in trackback view screen. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9934 Sub-Task blocking condition is not displayed correctly in Transition Condition screen after it has been added. Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9928 Status names with apostrophes generate exceptions on *Browse Projects* page Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9883 Deleting a User doesn't remove them from the Component Lead Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-9812 Project cache refreshed incorrectly after creating project by remote API Medium Resolved
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