JIRA 3.6.2 Upgrade guide

JIRA 3.6.2 Upgrade Guide

This page contains specific information you need to know when upgrading to JIRA 3.6.2 from JIRA 3.6.1. If upgrading from an older version of JIRA, please go to the complete list of Upgrade Guides, and read the notes for each version you are skipping during the upgrade.

When upgrading JIRA please follow the general upgrade instructions keeping in mind the information below.

Maximum Active Databased Connections

Applies to

JIRA Standalone users

In version of JIRA before 3.6.2, the maximum number of database connections was limited to 8 by default. If JIRA was used by more than 8 concurrent users or under very haeavy usages, the users could experience delays or JIRA could hang.

In JIRA 3.6.2 the default number of maximum active database connections has been increased to 20. When upgrading to JIRA 3.6.2, please ensure that your database will allow JIRA to establish 20 connections, or decrease this number to desired value. To adjust the number of connections change the value of the maxActive attribute of the jdbc/JiraDS resource in config/server.xml file. JIRA has to be restarted to apply the change.

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