JIRA 3.6.3 Release Notes

JIRA 3.6.3 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.6.3 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements, in particular improvements in performance, efficiency and security. It can be downloaded here.

If upgrading from an earlier version please read through the JIRA 3.6.3 Upgrade guide.

JIRA 3.6.3 includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-9090 Wiki Renderer does not HTML encode contents of unknown macros Highest Resolved
Bug JRA-10625 Saved Filter is broken in 3.6.3 #159 High Resolved
Bug JRA-10590 Fix PERF-95 - address Perforce depots with 'gaps' in the commit numbers High Resolved
Bug JRA-10542 Request parameters are not HTML encoded on the 500 page High Resolved
Bug JRA-10504 The CombinedCachingServlet can become a bottleneck under heavy load High Resolved
Bug JRA-10276 Custom field is displayed during Bulk Edit and Bulk Transition when it does not have a context for some of the issues. High Resolved
Bug JRA-10105 jsessionid twice in URL causes Fix and Affects version links to break in issue view screen during session's first page view High Resolved
Bug JRA-9296 Indexing intermittently fails with IndexException High Resolved
Bug JRA-10552 Cancel button in Comment does not have tooltip Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10518 FieldScreenImpl.getTab(...) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10505 Second dropdown list of Cascading Select custom field does not get updated during Bulk Workflow Transition Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10488 FilterStatisticsValuesGenerator retains references to managers through static final references Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10434 ClassCastException in com/atlassian/jira/issue/comparator/IssueKeyComparator Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10394 NullPointerException when searching on Cascading Select Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10341 Adding New Version does not show up in Open Issues or via SOAP until Restart Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10304 Fix handling of null users present in database Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10263 Description is not shown in full content view of Issue Navigator Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10253 Indexing the subtasks is inefficient Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10237 Customfields belonging to specific projects are shown when those projects are selected Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-10178 Message custom field produces change history entries Medium Resolved
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