JIRA 4.0 Beta 2 Release Notes

July 23, 2009

JIRA 4.0 Beta 2 is a public development release leading up to JIRA 4.0. For all production use and testing of JIRA, please use the latest official release.

Do not use in production

Beta releases should not be used in production environments as they are not officially supported.

Please also take note of the following information:

  • Beta releases are not safe— Beta releases are snapshots of the ongoing JIRA development process. As such:
    • While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release.
    • Features in development releases may be incomplete, or may change or be removed before the next full release.
  • No upgrade path — Because Beta releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between Beta releases, or from any Beta to the eventual final release. Thus, any data you store in a JIRA Beta release may not be able to be migrated to a future JIRA release.

It is not possible to upgrade JIRA 4.0 Beta 1 data to Beta 2. The data needs to come from an already released JIRA version (for example, JIRA 3.13.5).

The only plugin that is compatible with JIRA 4.0 Beta is the latest JIRA Toolkit. Do not install any other plugins.

The Atlassian JIRA team is delighted to present a brand new version of one of the world's favourite issue-trackers.

Highlights of JIRA 4.0 Beta 2:

Thank you for your interest in JIRA 4.0 Beta 2

Download Beta

Known Issues

Upgrading to JIRA 4.0

JIRA 4.0 Beta can be downloaded here. Before upgrading, please refer to the JIRA 4.0 Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

  • Supported browsers: For optimal experience with JIRA 4.0 Beta 2, please use Firefox 3.x. Support for other browsers will be added prior to the launch of JIRA 4.0.
  • Portlet-to-gadget upgrade task: This has not yet been implemented. Your existing portlets will be displayed in legacy mode.

    Highlights of JIRA 4.0 Beta 2

    Advanced Searching

    The new advanced search (JQL) provides support for logical operations (including AND/OR/NOT/NULL, even on custom fields) when filtering issues:

    For more on the new JQL search syntax, please see the documentation.


    Dashboard Gadgets

    The new-look JIRA dashboard now uses industry-standard 'gadgets'. So you can add external gadgets to your JIRA dashboard, as well as displaying JIRA gadgets in other places (such as iGoogle).

    What's happened to your favourite JIRA portlets? Don't worry: every portlet that previously shipped with JIRA has been converted to a 'legacy gadget'. And if you are a plugin developer and have created your own portlets, see the instructions for converting your portlets to gadgets.

    The following gadgets are available in Beta 2:

    • 'Activity Stream' gadget (see below)
    • 'Admin' gadget
    • 'Create Issue' gadget
    • 'Favourite Filters' gadget
    • 'Filter Results' gadget
    • 'Introduction' gadget
    • 'Issue Completed This Iteration' gadget
    • 'Login' gadget
    • 'Quicklinks' gadget
    • 'Voted Issues' gadget


    Activity Stream

    The new 'Activity Stream' gadget displays a summary of the latest activity in JIRA projects (and/or by particular people) in which you are interested.

    The 'Activity Stream' gadget also provides an RSS feed, allowing you to create very specific RSS feeds of only the information that is most relevant to you.

    See the documentation for more details.


    Issue Actions in the Issue Navigator

    By popular request, issues can now be actioned directly from the Issue Navigator:

    The "Actions" menu is also available for the list of sub-tasks within an issue.

    Charting Now Comes Standard

    The following reports and gadgets from the Charting plugin have now been integrated into JIRA:

    Also, the "Resolved" field from the Charting plugin is now part of JIRA, so every issue now automatically has its resolution date recorded.


    New-look "Browse Project"

    JIRA 4.0 provides a cleaner, more interactive view into a project:

    See the documentation for more about browsing projects, versions and components.

    Project Icons

    You can now give your project a visual identity, thanks to the introduction of project icons ('avatars'):


    New-look Header

    The new-look JIRA header gives you quick access to all the most commonly-used functions. Creating an issue just got super-fast!

    Click to zoom in:


    Default Unit for Time Tracking

    You can now specify your preferred Default Unit (minutes/hours/days/weeks) for your JIRA system. This will be applied whenever users log work on an issue without specifying a unit.


"History" is now permanent

Your list of recently-viewed issues is now stored in JIRA's database — so it's available after you log out and back in, even if you use a different machine.


Engine Room

Beyond the 'Back' Button

When navigating away from a page where you have modified data, you will be prompted to see if you would like to save the data or discard your changes (see JRA-14911).

Index Queue

Index updates are now put in a queue. So even if the update takes longer than 30 seconds, the operation remains on the queue and is not lost. (See JRA-14220.)


Plus over 250 other fixes and improvements

Click here for full list.

Key T Summary P Status
JRA-5201 Bug Enable filter to specify more than 1 user Medium Resolved
JRA-6164 Bug 'No Priority' count is not displayed in filter statistics portlet Medium Resolved
JRA-6344 Bug Send to both previous and current assignees for all notifications Medium Resolved
JRA-6550 Bug if text contains certain characters, cdata in xml based on this will be badly formed Medium Resolved
JRA-8293 Bug Import fails if searchrequest:request data too large Low Resolved
JRA-9048 Bug Calendar week begins with sunday independently from locale Medium Resolved
JRA-10422 Bug Error in logs when nonexistent key used in wiki-rendered text Low Resolved
JRA-10427 Bug Changing field descriptions in "Field Configurations" for custom fields does not work Medium Resolved
JRA-10554 Bug Changing locale causes no translation change for 'Browse Projects' menu tab unless a project has been or is already selected Low Resolved
JRA-10854 Bug 'Restoring Data' Documentation incorrect or unclear Low Closed
JRA-11933 Bug AutoTransitionListener - Reopen transition deletes issue summary Medium Resolved
JRA-12165 Bug Unclear error message when bulk moving issues whose reporter cannot create issues High Resolved
JRA-12200 Bug Reporter system field throws ClassCastException after populateFromIssue() and validateFromParams() Medium Resolved
JRA-12525 Bug Emails containing attachments with non-ASCII names lost High Resolved
JRA-12816 Bug OutOfMemoryError PermGen Space on Windows Func Test (under VMWare) Medium Resolved
JRA-12976 Bug AbstractMessageHandler might not be removing spaces from email addresses before using them to determine if a user exists when creating an issue from an email Medium Resolved
JRA-13003 Bug Moving portlet up reults in IndexOutOfBoundsException Low Resolved
JRA-13011 Bug Component of a subtask is still component of original project after moving an issue High Resolved
JRA-13035 Bug CSV import can not import resolution date. Low Resolved
JRA-13625 Bug Implicit profiling functionality broken Medium Resolved
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