JIRA 5.0.1 Release Notes

19 March 2012


The Atlassian JIRA team announces the release of JIRA 5.0.1. This point release contains several updates and fixes.

Features and improvements in JIRA 5.0.1:


Upgrading to JIRA 5.0.1 is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.

Upgrading from a previous version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 5.0.1 Upgrade Notes.

More Administration user interface improvements

Following on with improvements to the Administration User Interface (UI) in earlier JIRA releases, JIRA 5.0.1 improves the Administration UI by converting more Administration page forms into convenient dialog boxes.

The forms for adding new issue types, sub-tasks, field configurations (+ field configuration schemes) and screens (+ screen schemes) are now dialog boxes, which are easily accessed by clicking a button at the top-right of the appropriate JIRA Administration pages.

Performance improvements

JIRA 5.0.1 also has two important performance fixes:

  • JRA-27206 - The upgrade to using Lucene 3.0 has caused performance degradation where there are large result sets sorted by date Resolved  and
  • JRA-27308 - The IssuesFragment panel has a poor performance profile Resolved .

Customers with larger JIRA installations who upgrade to JIRA 5.0.1 will see some performance improvements when using JIRA's Issue Navigator and project browser pages.

Other improvements

A new welcome page

If you are a new JIRA customer, you'll be presented with a new welcome page to help guide you through the process of creating your first JIRA project.

(info) There is also no need to log in after running through the JIRA Setup Wizard.

Upgraded plugin manager

JIRA 5.0.1 also includes version 2.0 of the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Plugin. See Managing JIRA's Plugins for details.

Don't have JIRA 5.0 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 5.0 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Updates and fixes in this release

JIRA 5.0.1 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-27212 Users with "Assign Issues" permission do not see a User dropdown unless they also have "Browse Users" permission High Resolved
Bug JRA-27206 The upgrade to using Lucene 3.0 has caused performance degradation where there are large result sets sorted by date High Resolved
Bug JRA-27128 Full-page create issue page loses issue types from the list in IE8 High Resolved
Bug JRA-26570 NullPointerException when changing screen scheme in a project High Resolved
Bug JRA-27719 XML Vulnerability in JIRA Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27338 When creating issues JIRA 5 only creates Bug issue type Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27330 RegexCommentHandler not saving splitregex property in JIRA 5.0 Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27328 DefaultThumbnailManager.doGetThumbnail() method is not thread safe Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27316 OutOfMemoryError in JiraAxisSoapLog when calling addAttachmentsToIssue() Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27266 Support all mail handlers types on OnDemand Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27249 NullPointerException in PluginInjector.newInstance() Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27232 Turning on logging & profiling causes a server error, causing further errors in the entire instance Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27229 i18n keys broken in email sent by UserCreationListener Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27228 OnDemandMigrationTask sets default application access to JIRA+Confluence in JIRA-only mode Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27197 Changing project/issuetype in Quick Create should disable ALL fields Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27178 ClassCastException thrown by UserManager.getAllGroups Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27162 The stalker implementation in JIRA's viewissue web-resource breaks pageup and pagedown in the absence of an element matching #stalker.stalker Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27131 Borked tabbed wizard in JIM for OnDemand Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27129 Issue Type momentarily switches back to default when changing projects in Quick Create Medium Resolved
Bug JRA-27113 Issue types (and other "constants") are not translated in REST Medium Resolved
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