JIRA 5.1.6 Release Notes

01 October 2012

The Atlassian JIRA team announces the release of JIRA 5.1.6. This point release contains several updates and fixes.

Upgrading to JIRA 5.1.6 is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.

Don't have JIRA 5.1 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 5.1 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a previous version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 5.1.6 Upgrade Notes.

Updates and fixes in this release

JIRA 5.1.6 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
JRA-29684 XSS vulnerability in chart saving Bug Sep 12, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Karla Burnett [Atlassian] High Resolved Fixed
JRA-29305 JIRA throws error 'org.apache.commons.compress.archivers.zip.Zip64RequiredException: entities.xml's size exceeds the limit of 4GByte' when generating XML backup data Bug Aug 13, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Chris Fuller Janet Albion [Atlassian] High Resolved Fixed
JRA-28757 Values of ReadOnly fields are deleted during update action. Bug Jun 29, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Andrzej Warycha High Resolved Fixed
JRA-35726 Jira does not close handles of old index properly Bug Nov 08, 2013 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Janet Albion [Atlassian] Medium Resolved Duplicate
JRA-29587 Jira does not close handles of old index properly Bug Sep 04, 2012 Feb 22, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh buch.de internetstores AG Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-29386 DefaultSimpleLinkManager has a plugin reloadability issue Bug Aug 17, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Brad Baker Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-28153 The "user" Dark Features page is vulnerable to XSRF/csrf Bug May 07, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh David Black Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-28145 Typo in attachment success message Bug May 07, 2012 Oct 02, 2012 Eric Dalgliesh Martin Jopson Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-27625 Cannot Delete Resolutions that are Associated with an Issue Bug Mar 22, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned David Chan [Atlassian] Medium Resolved Obsolete
JRA-29940 Upon Update of JIRA's UPM, Greenhopper's Agile Menu Is Broken Bug Oct 02, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Dominique Jäggi Low Resolved Duplicate
JRA-29760 Typo on delete user page Bug Sep 17, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Hugh Giddens Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-29496 Being redirected to "Administration / Issue Type Schemes" after successfully choosing issue type scheme for a project Bug Aug 27, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Fabian Meier Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-29098 com.atlassian.jira.user.preferences.UserPreferenceManager.clearCache(String username) no longer works Bug Jul 25, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Brian Brian Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-28625 Summary shown in activity feed does not match issue Bug Jun 20, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Jon Sword Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-26094 Cross Site Request Forgery - Deleting User's Dashboards Bug Oct 28, 2011 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh João Paulo Lins Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-24915 JIRA cannot be accessed and displays a 404 instead of a License Error Bug Jun 27, 2011 Feb 17, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Gan VoonKiat Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-21843 Error displayed when accessing version workload report without logging-in Bug Jul 23, 2010 Feb 17, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Chai Ying Chan [Atlassian] Low Resolved Fixed

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