JIRA 5.2.11 Release Notes

19 April 2013

The Atlassian JIRA team announces the release of JIRA 5.2.11. This point release contains several updates and fixes.

(info) This is the last release in the 5.2.x release cycle.

Upgrading to JIRA 5.2.11 is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.

Don't have JIRA 5.2 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 5.2 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!


  • Viewing an issue's workflow via the View Issue screen now works, even if the name of the workflow has special characters (see JRA-27809 - "View Workflow" link does not work in case when workflow name contains special symbols Resolved ).

Upgrading from a previous version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 5.2.11 Upgrade Notes.

Updates and fixes in this release

JIRA 5.2.11 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
JRA-31948 Upgrade Remote Apps to 0.4.518.6 Suggestion Mar 05, 2013 May 29, 2015 Eric Dalgliesh Don Brown [Atlassian] Closed Fixed
JRA-30113 "People and Dates Section" of Issue View Screen Changed to 2 lines in Chrome after Jira 5.1.1 Bug Oct 15, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned KhongMing KOK [Atlassian] Resolved Obsolete
JRA-31549 FieldScreenTab configuration not saved consistently to database Bug Feb 03, 2013 Feb 20, 2017 Roman Tekhov Vassil Velichkov High Resolved Fixed
JRA-30702 JIRA backup and restore does not handle map data stored by plugins correctly Bug Nov 26, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Trevor Campbell High Resolved Fixed
JRA-30748 Field names of 'Created Date' and 'Resolution Date' in issue nav are incorrect. Bug Nov 29, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Kan Ogawa Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-32803 URL encoding "View Workflow" link fail when workflow name contains "&" character Bug Apr 26, 2013 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Philipp Klauser Low Resolved Duplicate
JRA-31198 In mention e-mail notification issue link is broken Bug Jan 09, 2013 Apr 29, 2013 Eric Dalgliesh Simone Houghton Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-27809 "View Workflow" link does not work in case when workflow name contains special symbols Bug Apr 06, 2012 Feb 20, 2017 Eric Dalgliesh Andrei Low Resolved Fixed

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