JIRA 6.4.5 Release Notes

  26 May 2015

The Atlassian JIRA team announces the release of JIRA 6.4.5. This point release contains several updates and fixes.

Upgrading to JIRA 6.4.5 is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.

Don't have JIRA 6.4 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 6.4 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a previous version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 6.4.5 Upgrade Notes.

Updates and fixes in this release

JIRA 6.4.5 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
JRA-24515 JIRA should support the use of TLS - SNI Suggestion May 05, 2011 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski James Winters Closed Fixed
JRA-43347 Project sidebar causes slow performance with a large number of Agile boards Bug May 12, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned David Mason Medium Resolved Fixed
JRA-34140 "Where is my field" is not working for Create Sub-task Screen Bug Aug 01, 2013 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Yew Teck En Medium Resolved Duplicate
JRA-43936 Two Dimensional Filter Statistics Widget No Longer Displays the Filter Name on It's Header Bug Jun 20, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Jeremy Kahn Low Resolved Duplicate
JRA-43644 Description for Status is not updated Bug Jun 02, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Unassigned Chung Park Chan Low Resolved Obsolete
JRA-43500 Index recovery removes from index only one issue missing from db rather than all of them Bug May 22, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Oswaldo Hernandez Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43308 If JIRA fails to start then it NPEs in its error.jsp page Bug May 08, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Mark Lassau Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43212 NullPointerException in JiraWebResourceIntegration#getBaseUrl Bug May 01, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Scott Dudley [Arsenale] Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43211 Scala source files are missing from the jira-inline-issue-create-plugin source jar Bug May 01, 2015 May 26, 2015 Piotr Klimkowski Joe Clark [Atlassian] Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43177 Create board from project left bar doesn't work Bug Apr 29, 2015 Jul 18, 2016 Piotr Klimkowski Paulo Junior [Atlassian] Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43150 Popup Advert for Jira Insider stays up, blocks key buttons in upper-right corner when uBlock or AdBlock browser extensions are installed Bug Apr 29, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Dean Berlin Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-43069 Jira activity stream not available anymore due to a problem in issue category filter Bug Apr 25, 2015 Mar 16, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Fabrizio Giustina [openmind] Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42895 The bundled Support Tools Plugin version on JIRA 6.4 is outdated Bug Apr 15, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Ahmad Faisal Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42723 Dashboard gadget two-dimensional statistic doesn't show filter name any more Bug Apr 01, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Jonathan Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42563 JIRA Projects :: Upload project icon not working on Agile Board Bug Mar 20, 2015 Jul 18, 2016 Piotr Klimkowski Laney Coletti Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42411 Browsing Versions in anonymous mode hits a 500 error Bug Mar 10, 2015 Jul 07, 2016 Unassigned Mauro Ezequiel Fernandez Badii Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42381 Heat Map gadget is not working if view as Wallboard Bug Mar 10, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Kamil Kaczmarczyk John Chin Kim Loong Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-42205 The error message when showing no projects does not look very good Bug Feb 25, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Brenden Bain Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-41593 JIRA throws /rest/analytics/1.0/publish/bulk for Inline Edit events when Analytics is Disabled Bug Jan 13, 2015 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski Andy Nguyen Low Resolved Fixed
JRA-39094 JIRA Audit Log repeats delete entries for users which are deleted from and AD or LDAP directory, but remain as disabled users in JIRA Bug Jul 11, 2014 Feb 20, 2017 Piotr Klimkowski David Mason Low Resolved Fixed
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