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JIRA Labs is an extension of the JIRA Early Access Program (EAP). The JIRA Early Access Program (EAP) provides a sneak-peek of the next JIRA release to customers who download and install JIRA Server. The JIRA EAP also allows us to gather feedback on "work-in-progress" features to help us improve them.

JIRA Labs extends this program to customers who use JIRA Cloud and JIRA add-ons.

  • It lets Cloud customers opt-in to work-in-progress features and provide feedback.
  • It gives JIRA add-ons a way to provide work-in-progress features to both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server customers, while maintaining frequent releases to customers.

Please note, JIRA Labs does not replace the JIRA EAP. We will continue to provide EAP releases to give customers a full view of the in-progress changes coming in the next major release of JIRA Server. However, JIRA Labs is similar to the JIRA EAP, in that:

  • JIRA Labs features will be introduced while they are "work-in-progress" features. This means that they will not be feature complete nor have the final desired user experience. They are also likely to have bugs that need to be fixed before becoming a fully supported feature.
  • JIRA Labs features are not supported.
  • JIRA Labs is designed to get feedback from users that can impact the final shape of a feature in JIRA.
  • JIRA Labs is used to test new JIRA concepts. As a result, there is no actual guarantee that all Labs feature will make it into a final release. We may choose to remove a Labs feature.

Using JIRA Labs features

Identifying Labs features

JIRA Labs features will appear in:

  1. JIRA Cloud. For example, the new issue navigator appeared as Labs feature in JIRA Cloud between JIRA 5.1 and JIRA 5.2.
  2. JIRA add-ons (e.g. JIRA Agile and JIRA Capture). Labs features for add-ons may exist across multiple JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server releases, as Add-Ons often have a much faster release cycle than JIRA.

Everywhere you see a Labs feature, you will see the Labs logo (see example screenshot below).

Enabling/Disabling Labs features

You will also have the option of enabling or disabling that feature. If the feature is an administration feature, only administrators will be able to configure it.  If the feature is an end-user feature, like the new Issue Navigator for 5.2, each end user can opt in or out of the new feature.  

By default, users will need to opt in to use the new Labs features.

Giving feedback

We want your feedback! We'd love to hear what you like or don't like. Each Labs feature will usually provide a way for you to provide feedback on the feature and tell us what you think.

If you want to disable the Give Feedback links, you can do this by disabling the JIRA Feedback Plugin. Note, if you are using JIRA Cloud, you will not be able to disable this plugin — please raise a support request for assistance.

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