Setting Priority field value based on customfield value

Please note that adding Javascript to custom fields is a customisation and not maintained as a supported part of JIRA.

Check the comments below. This page has been flagged as outdated.

As the users are neglecting the description of the Priority field, a more detail custom field is created to represent the Priority field. Depending on the radio button custom field selected, the Priority field value is set.

  1. Create a customfield name "Severity" at Browse >> Administration >> Issue Fields >> Custom Fields
  2. Configure the radio button custom field to have a field options
  3. Check the customfield ID in the Customfield table from the database by using the following SQL query:

    SELECT id FROM customfield WHERE cfname="Severity";
  4. Modify the following javascript code so that <id>will be replaced with the id of the custom field found from the first step:

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" id="priorityCustomFieldScript">
        function setIssuePriorityAndSubmit(e)
            // set the value of the priority field here:
    		document.getElementById("priority").selectedIndex = 0;
    	else if(document.getElementById("customfield_<id>_2").checked)
    		document.getElementById("priority").selectedIndex = 1;
    	else if(document.getElementById("customfield_<id>_3").checked)
    		document.getElementById("priority").selectedIndex = 2;
    	else if(document.getElementById("customfield_<id>_4").checked)
    		document.getElementById("priority").selectedIndex = 3;
    	else if(document.getElementById("customfield_<id>_5").checked)
    		document.getElementById("priority").selectedIndex = 4;
        function hidePriorityAndAddSeverityHook()
    	var row = document.getElementById("priorityFieldArea"); = 'none';
        var currentLocation = window.location.href;
        if (currentLocation.indexOf('CreateIssue') > -1 || currentLocation.indexOf('EditIssue') > -1) {
  5. Paste the javascript into the description of the "Severity" customfield at Browse >> Administration >> Issue Fields >> Custom Fields.

There is no need to hide or remove the 'Priority' field from the screen. The javascript code will hide the Priority field by itself.

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