Sharing a Search Result

You can easily email other JIRA users (including any email address) a link to a search result or shared filter by sharing the search result (or shared filter) with them. You can also add an optional note to the email message.


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To share a search result with one or more JIRA users or any email addresses:

  1. Choose Issues > Search for Issues.
  2. Refine your search, as described in Searching for Issues, then choose the share icon.
    (tick)  Keyboard shortcut: s
  3. Specify JIRA users (by typing their usernames or part/all of their full names as registered with their JIRA user accounts) or type any email addresses of people you want to share the issue with.
    When you begin typing a JIRA user's username or name, or a previously specified email address, an autocomplete dropdown will appear.
  4. Add an optional Note.
  5. Click the Share button.

(info) Please Note:

  • Recipients specified in the User name or email field will receive an email message whose body contains the content of the Note (if one was specified) as well as a link to the search result. 
  • A shared search result sent to JIRA users specified in the User name or email field will be sent to the email addresses registered with these user's respective JIRA accounts. 
  • The subject line of the email message will specify you as the JIRA user who 'shared' the issue with the recipients.
  • If you are viewing a shared filter on the issue navigator and use the Share button to share that filter with other JIRA users who can also view this filter, then the email message that these JIRA users receive will contain a link to the filter instead of its search results. All other recipients will receive an email message containing a link to that filter's search results instead.
  • You can also share an issue from the 'view issue' page. See Sharing an issue for details.


Last modified on Apr 4, 2013

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