Single Level Group By Report

The Single Level Group By report displays issues returned from a specified issue filter of your choice, grouped by a specified field. For example, an issue filter can be created to retrieve all open issues for a particular version of a particular project. The Single Level Group By report can then be used to display these issues grouped by a specified field (e.g. Assignee).

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What does the Single Level Group By report look like?

The report generated will look something like this:

Screenshot: Single Level Group By Report

The report displays the issues returned by the specified filter, grouped by the specified field.

Generating a Single Level Group By report

  1. Navigate to the desired project.
  2. Choose Summary (tab) Reports section > Single Level Group By Report.
  3. Select the desired issue filter.
  4. In the Statistic Type field, select the field by which the report will group the issues returned from your chosen issue filter.


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Last modified on May 21, 2013

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