Troubleshooting Apache

Hijacked Sessions

Some users have reported problems with user sessions being hijacked when the mod_cache module is enabled. If these problems are encountered, try disabling the mod_cache module. 
(info) This module is enabled by default in some Apache HTTP Server version 2 distributions.

Permission Denied Errors enabling mod_proxy (and mod_jk) on Linux distros that use SELinux

Users have reported 'permission denied' errors when trying to get mod_proxy (and mod_jk) working. Disabling SELinux (/etc/selinux/config) apparently fixes this.

Running Mac OS X

Disable webperfcache, which proxies port 80 by default. A user reported this as the likely cause of JIRA session problems, in the form of users' identities becoming mixed up, as below.
(warning) Additionally we do not recommend using Max OS X as it is not supported, as in our Supported Platforms.

The OSX Servers enable webperfcache by default for Virtual Hosts, which for static content would be great, but for dynamic sites (which ALL of ours are) it is Evil and causes many issues. 
Of note recently was the jira session issue. Also see :-
Unfortunately even if you disable webperfcache for a site, if there is a single site enabled then all sites will still proxy through webperfcache with resulting session problems.

Too many redirects

Both Tomcat & Apache are redirecting, when only one should be. Disable redirection in Tomcat (revert any changes as in Running JIRA over SSL or HTTPS) and check that there is only one redirection in Apache.

General Problems

  1. Clear the browser cache and try again.
  2. Ensure that JIRA works as expected when running directly from Tomcat and bypassing Apache. For example, accessing http://jiraserver:8080 instead of
  3. Increase the LogLevel for Apache to debug and restart it.
  4. Attempt to access JIRA and check the Apache Log Files for any errors.
  5. Raise a question on Atlassian Answers for assistance.

403 Forbidden error

Add the RequestHeader unset Authorization line to the apache configuration page to disable authorization headers.

<Location /jira>
  RequestHeader unset Authorization
  ProxyPreserveHost On
  ProxyPass http://jiraserver/jira
  ProxyPassReverse http://jiraserver/jira

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