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If you are using compatible versions of JIRA and FishEye, you can view the changesets related to an issue via the Development panel. You should only use the information on this page, if you have older versions of JIRA and FishEye.

JIRA allows you to view the changesets related to an issue (that is, where the JIRA issue key was referenced in the commit message), if you are using a source-code repository together with Atlassian FishEye.. The regular expression used for matching the JIRA issue key in the commit message is:


So the key will need to be at the start of the string, or a character on each side that is not a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or the dash '-' character.

The Source tab provides you with an expandable list of changesets for the issue. This allows you to view the commit message and list of source-code files in each commit. You can also:

Viewing an Issue's Changesets

  1. Open the relevant issue in JIRA.
  2. Click the Source tab in the Activity section.
  3. The list of changesets related to the issue will display.


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Last modified on Feb 25, 2014

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