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Jira Core

 is a highly flexible and configurable business management tool.

When you create a new project, the following business project templates are available. Select Projects > Create project to get started.

General project types


Manage tasks

The Task management template sets you up with a simple workflow, easy to understand issue types, and the right set of fields on your issues to help you get your work from To Do to Done in the quickest way possible. Learn more



Manage projects

The Project management template has a slightly more complex workflow, and is great for projects that require a little more work. Including an In Progress status allows you to work on tasks over longer periods and show work in progress. Learn more



Manage processes 

The Process management template ships with our most complex workflow, which includes a review and approval cycle. The project management workflow can be adapted to suit your unique processes. Learn more


Specific project types


Content management

Content teams like Marketing are always working hard to get things done well and fast. They manage a ton of creative work and content for the whole business.

Learn more about how

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Jira Core

can help marketing teams work even better.




HR teams do specific work related to recruitment, employee management and lots of other 'people' processes.

Learn more about using

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Jira Core

for HR.



Document approvals

Document management teams, such as Legal teams, shoulder huge responsibilities, from policy implementation through corporate responsibility, to government reporting. Reviews and approvals are critical.

Learn more about using

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Jira Core

to support your legal team.



Lead tracking

Use this project type to track sales leads and opportunities through to conversion.


Use this project type to simplify the purchase process, from request to approval to delivery.


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Last modified on Sep 12, 2017

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