Get home, search or create with the global sidebar

The new Jira experience streamlines the way you move from one task to another. We've consolidated everything you need, including navigation, into the new sidebar.

The new sidebar merges most of the old header and sidebar navigation into one place. It better organizes these links and shows the right ones only when you need them.

You can collapse the sidebar to focus on your team's work and expand it when you're ready to move around. Hover over the right border of the sidebar and click or drag. The icons in the collapsed sidebar match the icons in the expanded sidebar, making it easier to find the link you need.

The sidebar consists of two parts:

  • A global sidebar where you can search, create issues or projects, and manage your profile settings.
  • Either an application sidebar or a project sidebar, depending on your context. Learn more.


Navigate to your Jira home

Depending on what Jira applications you use, you will see a different logo that takes you to your Jira home.

I have access to…

I see…

Jira Core

Jira Service Desk

Jira Software

Jira Service Desk and Jira Software

Regardless of what you see, selecting the logo will take you to your Jira home.

View recent work or search for almost anything

The new quick search helps you keep track of what you are working on.

Select  (Search) from the global sidebar. You'll see the quick search box as well as recently viewed issues, projects, and issue filters – all in one place.

Select any item to navigate to it. Or, type in the quick search box and view search results as you type.

Create issues or projects, fast

You can quickly create issues or projects from the global navigation bar, regardless of where you are in Jira. Create issues in a different project, without losing your place.

To create a project or issue:

  1. Select  (Create) from the global sidebar.
  2. Choose either Issue or Project.

Read more about creating a project.

Switch to other applications

If you use more than one Jira Cloud app, you can switch between them from anywhere.

To switch between Jira Cloud apps:

  1. Select Switch apps from the global sidebar.
  2. Select the name of the application you want to navigate to. For example, Confluence or Stash.

Jump into site administration

Site administrators can manage users, billing, or add more Atlassian Cloud apps from the global sidebar. Select Jira home Settings.

Change your user preferences or log out

Select your avatar to change your username, password, time zone, and more. You can also turn off the new Jira experience or give us feedback by selecting your avatar.

Last modified on Sep 12, 2017

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