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How do I add @jirabot to my Slack workspace?

Click here to start setting up the Jira Cloud for Slack app. Once you authorize your account, @jirabot will join your Slack workspace and send a direct message similar to the following with further instructions: 

How do I connect the Jira Cloud for Slack app to my Jira Cloud site?

Once you add @jirabot to your Slack team, you need to connect the app to your Jira Cloud site to receive notifications.

To connect @jirabot to your Jira Cloud site, you can use the following slash command inside a channel:

/jira connect your-company-jira.atlassian.net

Or, if you continued from the previous step, @jirabot will provide you instructions on how to connect your Jira:

Follow the instructions to enter a Jira Cloud URL (such as https://your-company-jira.atlassian.net) and then verify your Jira Cloud account: 

After successfully linking your Jira Cloud site, you can choose which Jira Cloud project and issue events will trigger notifications to your Slack channel:

Which Slash commands does @jirabot support? 

There are 4 slash commands you can use while interacting with @jirabot:

Slash command Action
/jira connect your-company-jira.atlassian.net

Connect and subscribe to Jira Cloud events

/jira info, /jira manage, or /jira

Manage Jira Cloud connections and subscriptions

/jira HD-1

Get information about a specific Jira Cloud issue

/jira help

Show help information about @jirabot slash commands

Can @jirabot notify me of events in Jira Cloud?

It sure can! When you add @jirabot to a team, you can use it in multiple ways:

  • Public or private channel - @jirabot can expand messages containing a Jira Cloud issue key with more detailed information, and receive custom event notifications.
  • Multi-party direct messages - @jirabot can send customized Jira Cloud event notifications to a group of users.
  • Direct message - @jirabot can send customized Jira Cloud event notifications directly to a user.

Public or Private Channels and Multi-Party Direct Messages

Using @jirabot within a multi-party direct message and a public or private channel works the same way. When you invite @jirabot into a conversation, it'll prompt you to connect to a Jira Cloud site. You can connect @jirabot with your Jira Cloud site at any time using the /jira connect your-company-jira.atlassian.net slash command. Once connected to a Jira Cloud site, you'll receive selected Jira Cloud notifications in your channels or multi-party direct messages. 

Direct Messages

When you start a direct message with @jirabot, follow the prompts to connect to a Jira Cloud site and start receiving notifications: 

Can @jirabot provide my team a preview of Jira issues (aka unfurling)?

Of course! When someone writes a message with one or more Jira issue keys and @jirabot is present in the conversation, @jirabot will unfurl the message and show a preview of the issues:

What's the difference between Jira Cloud for Slack and the Jira Server integration?

Jira Cloud for Slack is a new bot that's optimized to work with Jira Cloud. If you're using Jira Server, check out the Jira Server integration instead. The Jira Cloud and Jira Server integrations are similar, but Jira Cloud for Slack provides finer-grained subscriptions, issue previews in your channel, DM and multi-party DM support for notifications, and richer attachments.

I already configured the Jira Server integration for Slack. How do I switch to the new Jira Cloud app?

If you've already set up the Jira Server integration based on webhooks for your Jira Cloud site, follow these steps to switch over to the Jira Cloud app: 

  1. Go to your-slack-team.slack.com/apps/manage and choose Jira Server.
  2. For each configuration you want to remove, click the pencil icon and then choose Disable or Remove in the top-right corner.
  3. Go to https://slack.atlassian.com and click Add to Slack to install the new Jira Cloud for Slack app. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions to set up the new app.

Once you've confirmed your Jira Cloud site, you can configure the new app to manage your previous settings. Here's an example:

Why am I not receiving notifications for certain Jira Cloud projects or issues?

Project administrators in Jira Cloud can implement issue-level security on their projects to control who can create and view issues, but these settings don't carry over to Slack. If you connect @jirabot to a Jira Cloud project with an issue-level security scheme, you won't receive notifications in Slack for issues in that project.

Why am I seeing the message "Connecting with this Jira Cloud instance was disabled by administrator"?

Your site administrator needs to enable the Jira Cloud app at https://<instancename>.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/jira-slack-integration/addon-config-page

Is this supported by Atlassian?

Yes, absolutely. This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian. If you need support, visit https://support.atlassian.com or contact support@atlassian.com.

Last modified on Jul 11, 2018

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