Managing your user profile

In your profile, you can manage Jira application settings such as your password, email address, or the format in which you would like to receive email notifications. Your profile also displays recent work in the Activity Stream.

How to edit your user details

At the top right of your profile's Details section, click  to edit your display name, email address, and password. If your Jira administrator has configured the user directory with external password management, the Change Password link will not be available. 

How to change your avatar

Select  or your current avatar to change the image that appears next to your name. If your administrator has enabled Gravatar for user avatars, your Gravatar (i.e. the Gravatar associated with the email address in your user profile) will automatically be set as your user avatar. If Gravatar has been enabled, you will not be able to choose Jira-specific user avatars and vice versa. using If Gravatar has been disabled, you can choose your user avatar from the ones pre-packaged with Jira  or upload your own.

  • Your cropped image is resized to 48x48 pixels before it is saved as your new custom user avatar.
  • A separate 16x16 pixel version of your custom user avatar will be generated for use in comments.
  • Custom user avatars can only be selected by the user who uploaded them.

How to manage email notifications

  1. At the top right of your profile's Preferences section, click .
  2. For Email Type, select your preferred format (plain text or HTML) for receiving email notifications.
  3. For My Changes, select whether you want to receive notifications about any changes you have made to Jira application issues. 
  4. Click Update

How to manage your preferences

Your administrator can set the defaults preferences for all Jira application users; however, you can then customize these preferences whenever you need to.

  1. At the top right of your profile's Preferences section, click .
  2. Manage the following preferences:

    Preference Details
    Page size The number of issues displayed on each Issue Navigator page
    Email type Email notifications can be sent in plain text or HTML

    Change your Jira application language to one of the available options

    Time zone The time zone used for date and time information across your Jira applications. If the time zone you select doesn't match your computer's time zone, you'll have the option to automatically update this preference. (NOTE: When logging work on issues, date and time values will be converted to an absolute value in UTC within your work log. This ensures that the work is historically accurate across different time zones.)
    My changes Choose whether you want to receive email notifications about your own changes to Jira application issues
    Sharing Choose to share your filters and dashboards with your team or keep them restricted by default
    Keyboard shortcuts Enable or disable Jira application keyboard shortcuts
    Autowatch Enable or disable autowatch, which makes you a watcher of any issue that you create or comment on
    My Jira home Choose your homepage. Your homepage is the destination for the "Jira" link in the header and the first page you see when you log in.


Viewing your OAuth tokens

An OAuth access token is issued by Jira to give gadgets access to restricted data on an external, OAuth-compliant web application or website (also known as a "consumer"). Check out Allowing OAuth access for more information on when to issue or revoke OAuth access tokens.


Last modified on Oct 18, 2017

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