Using Jira Core for marketing projects

Marketing teams do a huge range of activities within a business, from basic promotion planning to executing large multi-channel campaigns, and everything in between.

Often, these activities involve developing content for the business. 

Jira Core has a content management template already set up to help you develop marketing assets and copy. Here's the workflow:


About the content management template

  • Track any content being created for use in your business
  • Manage marketing assets (including graphics and campaign parts)
  • Monitor review and approval cycles.

Track all content types

You can treat each item in Jira Core as one piece of content (like as a marketing email), or you can use one item to track content activity (a website update, for example).

All your content is trackable on the board, so you can easily what's in progress, in review, and queued up for approval.

Modify to suit your process

Depending how you manage content in your business, you may want to update your workflow to include additional steps, for instance you may have a pre-publishing process. These steps can be easily added by your project administrator. See Customizing your project

Capture your assets

You can easily attach drafts and review copies to each issue representing your content. You will still need to version control, but with a full history of activities and dates, keeping track is so much easier.

Use due dates

To avoid missing publishing deadlines, set dues dates on all your issues. You can set a due date per item, or to manage all the lead-up activity, set due dates on all sub-tasks as well.

More information for marketing teams

Last modified on Oct 27, 2017

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