Viewing a project's issues

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View issues on a board

One way to view an issue is to find it on the project's board.

  1. Open your project and click Board in the sidebar
    If you know the issue name or key, type it in the search field, or use the quick filters to narrow the list further (by assignee or most recently updated, for example).
  2. Click an issue to open it

  1. Add attachments and link issues
  2. Watch/unwatch the issue to be notified of changes, and perform more issue actions in the ••• menu
  3. Transition the issue
  4. Comment to start the conversation

Browse the issue navigator

You can also see a list of issues for a project using its issue navigator.

  1. Open your project and click Issues in the sidebar
  2. Select an issue from the list to open it

You'll see the list of open issues by default, but you can change what you're seeing by clicking Switch filter next to Open issues above the list. From there you can choose from a bunch of handy filters, like "Created recently" and "Reported by me."


Can't find your issue? Take a look at Searching for issues, or Advanced searching if you need more power (wink).

Last modified on Oct 18, 2017

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