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The Atlassian Marketplace website offers hundreds of add-ons that administrators can install to enhance and extend your Jira applications. If the add-on request feature is enabled for your instance, you can submit requests for Marketplace add-ons directly to your administrator.

The 'Atlassian Marketplace for Jira' page presents an integrated view of the Marketplace website from within the Jira user interface. The page offers the same features as the Marketplace website, such as add-on search and category filtering, but tailors the browsing experience to Jira application users.

This in-product view of the Marketplace gives day-to-day users of the Atlassian applications, not just administrators, an easy way to discover the add-ons that can help them work. When you find an add-on of interest, you can submit a request with just a few clicks.

Submitting an add-on request

  1. From anywhere in the application, open your profile menu and choose Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. In the Atlassian Marketplace page, use the search box to find add-ons or use the category menus to browse or filter by add-ons by type, popularity, price or other criteria. You can see what your fellow users have requested by choosing the Most Requested filter.
  3. When you find an add-on that interests you, click Request to generate a request for your administrator.

  4. Optionally, type a personal message to your administrators in the text box. This message is visible to administrators in the details view for the add-on
  5. When ready, click Submit Request
  6. Click Close to dismiss the 'Success!' message dialog box.

At this point, a notification appears in the interface your administrators use to administer add-ons. Also your request message will appear in the add-on details view, visible from the administrator's 'Find New Add-ons' page. From there, your administrator can purchase the add-on, try it out or dismiss requests.

Updating an add-on request

After submitting the request, you can update your message at any time. Click the Update Request button next to the listing in the 'Atlassian Marketplace' page to modify the message to your administrator.

The administrator is not notified of the update. However, your updated message will appear, as you have modified it in the details view for the add-on immediately.

Last modified on Jan 21, 2019

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