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A JIRA Core project is a container that holds issues. Issues can be viewed as the packets of work required within a project. To create issues, you must have an available project to contain them. JIRA Core comes with several default project types with preconfigured workflows and issue types, so you can quickly get your project up and running. In this step of the tutorial, you will use the project management template to help your team plan, organize, and collaborate on their work.

Note that creating and configuring a project is done by an administrator. A project administrator controls user access to the project, and can only configure certain aspects of the look and feel of the project. You should still be logged in to JIRA Core as an administrator from the previous step. If not, log into your administrator account. 

Create a project 

When creating a project, you will need to give it a name, a key, and a project lead. The title can be as descriptive as you want, and the key should be something meaningful. The project lead is usually the project manager, but can effectively be any user you select when creating the project.  

  1. Select Projects > Create Project and choose Project Management.
  2. Enter Dragon Design Tees as the project name. Note that JIRA Core creates a Project key for you, but you can overwrite this if you want to. By default, you should already be listed as the Project Lead. 
  3. If prompted to create a link to another application, such as a Confluence space, leave that option unchecked for now. 
  4. Select Submit to create your new project.

About project keys

Each project has a unique name (e.g.Dragon Fire Tee) and a unique key (e.g.DFT). The project key becomes the first part of that project's issue keys, e.g. DFT-1, DFT-2, etc.

Customize your project 

In this step, you will be customizing the your project avatar and project details to help your team identify the project more easily. These customizations are helpful if you have several projects in your JIRA Core Cloud site. If you have navigated away from your project, simply go to Projects > Dragon Design Tees.

  1. In the bottom left corner, select  to open the project administration menu.
  2. Select Edit Project in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the Project Avatar image.
  4. Select an available icon or upload an image.
  5. Enter a URL and Description for your project to make it easier for your team to identify. Note that these fields are optional and only for display.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.


Congratulations! You've now created and customized your first project. Next, we'll add users to your project and look at how you can set up and restrict access to projects. 


Last modified on Sep 15, 2015

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