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JIRA's Versions page shows a summary of all versions in a project. These can be further filtered by released versions and unreleased versions, and you can search by text contained within a version. Versions can only be displayed if your project administrator has created versions for your project. When versions have been created, you can assign the versions to your issues via the Affects Version/s and Fix Version/s fields

The Versions page is a visual representation of how your versions are progressing. The data represented is taken from the Fix Version/s field, and shows the status of the issues assigned to that version. Selecting the version link in the Version column will display further detail on that version, as well as giving you the option to view release notes, and to release that version (providing you have the correct permission to do so).

To view a project's releases:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click the white triangle next to Projects. The projects drop-down will display.
    (tick) Tip: You can access your current project directly by simply clicking the Projects link instead of the triangle.
  2. Click the project you wish to browse. If the project is not displayed in the drop-down, click View All Projects, which allows you to view a list of all accessible projects on your JIRA instance, and select your project from there.
  3. Click Versions in the project navigation sidebar. A list of versions for your project is displayed.
Last modified on Dec 12, 2017

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