Accessing the old issue key of a subtask after it is moved to another project results in an Issue Does Not Exist error

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After moving a parent issue with a subtask, the user is unable to access the old issue key of the moved subtasks.

When trying to open the old issue key (e.g., the following error message will be displayed:

Issue Does Not Exist

The issue you are trying to view does not exist.
If you think this message is wrong, please contact your JIRA administrators.

Running the query below in the database won't return any values (replace <OLD_ISSUE_KEY> by the old sub-task issue key):

SELECT * FROM moved_issue_key WHERE old_issue_key = <OLD_ISSUE_KEY>


This problem is caused by the following bug, fixed in JIRA 6.2:  JRA-42526 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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